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Trump Guns

President Donald Trump, student Carson Abt, right, and Julia Cordover, the student body president at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., left, bow their heads in prayer at a listening session at the White House in Washington on Wednesday.

As I read The Courier article regarding the local students’ “March for Our Lives,” I was reminded of our society’s violence against children. How tragic that children are being killed in what we have believed to be safe places.

Yes, I want to commend our youths who marched in Cedar Falls on March 31 to call attention to their fears of being murdered in their own classrooms by someone wielding a weapon of destruction. America must take seriously their fears their safe places are becoming places of violence.

According to and the Daily Wire, there were 14 school shootings in 2016, seven in 2017. Three students were killed in 2016 and four in 2017. Then, between Jan. 1 and March 20, Wikipedia reports 12 school shootings and 27 deaths. The most tragic shooting occurred when 17 people were murdered at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb.14.

The real problem is not guns or any other physical killing instrument, but the ultimate blame lies with the sinful human heart, which needs to be changed. However, this cannot be done by government, only through the Gospel of Jesus

Christ can transform the heart and save the sinner. Nevertheless, government does have the responsibility to protect the civil society through laws that curb mankind’s evil desires and encourage his good intentions. This may involve additional gun legislation as well as more protection for our schools.

However, legislators are faced with an even more overwhelming tragedy. I refer to the legalized murder of 926,200 children every year or 2,537 killed every day in America (Guttmacher Institute report for 2014). According to the Guttmacher report, the usual surgical procedure for killing the child in the womb during the first trimester after conception is the “suction curettage” method.

Also, according to the Guttmacher Institute, 104,660 second- and third-trimester babies were aborted in 2014. The Guttmacher Institute research has documented those aborted in the second trimester were usually killed by the dilation and extraction method. This involves dilating the uterus and scraping the baby’s parts out of the womb. In the third trimester the procedure is even more traumatic for the child.

Yes, the fetus is a child. We know from ultrasound images this is a living human being. His heart began beating 18 to 21 days after conception; she began sucking her thumb at three months, is sensitive to touch and will grasp an object placed in her hand. With this scientifically verified proof of human life, we can no longer justify these barbaric practices by fooling ourselves the fetus is only “tissue.”

The weapons used in this gruesome business of abortion are not guns, but surgical knives, poisonous chemicals (RU-486) and suction machines that tear the arms and legs off innocent babies. This torture and murder of the weakest and most defenseless of our children is occurring not in classrooms, but in the safe haven where all of us once lived— in our mother’s womb.

The tears and regrets of parents who have aborted their children and the frightened cries and sobs of children, youths and parents in the wake of school shootings remind us of the biblical account of Rachel weeping for her children: “A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because her children are no more.” (Jeremiah 31:15).

We have come to a crossroads in America; in our minds we hear the inaudible screams of 54 million children aborted since 1973 (Center for Disease Control report, 2018) and the frightened chorus of children and youths who worry about being attacked at school. We know that something must be done.

To this end, I encourage the “March for Our Lives” movement to enlarge its vision to include children in the womb and ask legislators to enact wise laws that will restore trust in our “safe places” by putting an end to the murder of children in the classroom and stopping the holocaust against children in the womb.

The Rev. Duane R. Lindberg, Ph.D., American studies, is presiding pastor (bishop) emeritus of the American Association of Lutheran Churches.


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