Some 46 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court decided by a 7-2 margin it is perfectly right and legal to end the life of an unborn or better yet, a pre-born baby. Today that decision continues to plague our nation. Many continue this day to weep over this decision by our highest court. Today, the causalities, (legal causalities), is reaching upwards of 60 million lives. Future teachers, doctors, business people, writers, inventors and so on. We will never know, will we?

The war of abortion is a losing war today because of that landmark decision in 1973. Hard to fight against something that’s legal in all 50 states. Of course, there was a time when other things were considered legal but inherently wrong and we eventually overturned those wrongs and made them right. There was a time when only property owners could vote; when African-Americans couldn’t vote and women couldn’t vote. These laws along with many others were wrong and eventually overturned.

It’s time for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

The abortion issue rests on two separate premises, one being the rights of a woman supercede the rights of the baby in the womb, and the other being the rights of the baby living inside the womb of any mother. In 1973, as abhorrent as it was even way back then, the medical field and science didn’t know what we absolutely know today in 2019.

A lot of information has come to light in the last 46 years to be sure. The heart starts beating after about three weeks; brain activity begins; touch and feelings start; the baby has her or his own and distinct DNA right from the “get-go.” And at eight weeks a baby already has pain receptors and feels pain just like you and I do at about 20 weeks. We no longer see the baby/fetus as just a mass of cells, zygote or protoplasm, or do we still?

That’s the two sides in a nutshell. One side gets to utilize all of her rights to either carry the baby or not, and the other has absolutely no rights, which means no choice. The woman has the Constitution of the United States on her side. The baby in the womb has no one. Even animals have the Humane Society and the National Society for Prevention to the Cruelty of Animals standing up for them. A baby that just happens to be living temporarily in the womb has no such organization. Not a single one. No

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Today the abortion issue is a political issue. It should not


It is a human issue. So here’s the bottom line as I see it: If you believe yourself to be a pro-life person or advocate yet for one reason or another, you vote for candidates who are openly pro-choice, then that actually makes you pro-choice. You are voting for someone to represent you that will always vote in favor of abortion. It’s too bad this issue is in the political arena, but sadly it is. Pro-life is absolute belief that life begins at conception, and pro-choice believes life begins somewhere along the way or maybe not even until actual birth.

We are as a nation responsible for our choices.

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John Sheda is a pastor at Living Water Church in Independence.


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