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GUEST COLUMN: Column should give Trump credit where it's due

GUEST COLUMN: Column should give Trump credit where it's due

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In Sunday’s Courier (Oct. 11) Gary Kroeger’s editorial “Populism gets a lot incorrect” should have been headlined “Liberals tell half-truths.”

He starts by describing Trump supporters with a less eloquent version of Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” who Barack Obama described as people “who cling to their guns and religion.” Kroeger then says those deplorables shouldn’t worry because in the Clinton and Obama administrations “not one significant change was made to their (perceived) 2nd Amendment rights.” The inclusion of the word “perceived” gives away that Kroeger believes there is no right to bear arms, and the deplorables should indeed be very worried. He also doesn’t mention that those same deplorables are disgusted with the liberal support for the silencing of any conservative views in the universities, the tearing down of statues of historic figures, the claim America is systemically racist and the New York state law that allows “abortion” up to the moment of birth.

He next implies that because some socialist programs such as Medicare are beneficial therefore all socialist programs would be. I grew up in England under socialized medicine, and Americans wouldn’t like it. There is a six-month wait for non-life-threatening surgery. You old folks can live with the pain in your knee or hip for six months, it won’t kill you. There was an outcry recently about the delay in the Veterans Administration treating veterans causing some to die while waiting. Just a foretaste of what will happen if the socialists let the government take over health care. When there is a monopoly there is no competition to make services better, and in bad economic times all government programs save money by “making services more efficient,” which is how there got to be a six-month wait for surgeries.

He says that during the Trump administration “every economic indicator … continued at essentially the same recovery rate” as during the Obama administration. Not so. The workforce participation rate — the percentage of the population that is in the workforce — fell in every year of the Obama administration as people gave up looking for a job, and climbed in every year of the Trump administration until January of this year ( The unemployment rate went down during the Obama administration because people gave up looking for work. Under the Trump administration the unemployment rate went down to historic levels for blacks and women despite the fact that people were re-entering the workforce. Braggadocio or not, President Trump deserves credit.

Last but very much not least, the pictures of violence from the Democratic-led cities had nothing to do with President Trump. He doesn’t run the police forces in those cities nor can he do anything to stop the looting and violence unless those Democratic mayors or governors invite him to, which they refused to do time and again. It is not mentioned in the media, but the violence ended quickly once the Democrats realized that they, not President Trump, were being blamed for it by most people. They could have stopped it at any time if they had wanted to.

David Webber of Jesup grew up in England and has lived in the United States since the late 1960s. He is president of DM Systems Group Inc., a company that provides computer services to magazine companies.

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