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I’m hoping it won’t happen in my time, but I think the oligarchy (the big money boys) already have sold our country to our most implacable enemy, China.

The latest reminder was driven home to me by some official papers I received that one of my investments, a New York bank, had just been sold to the Chinese, and I was supposed to rejoice that I received a bonus of $70 as part of the transaction. You can bet the big shots at the top made a ton more than $70.

This kind of blindness and disregard for our country infuriates me, and I wish it did everybody else in the United States. One area that alarms me is the fact China assiduously has been buying out mines worldwide or the rights to their products in the markets for rare earth minerals. And, of all the publications in the country, the November 2018 Car and Driver took an alarming look at where that leaves the United States.

The U.S. Geological Survey administered by our Department of the Interior has listed 35 rare earth minerals now 90 percent owned or leased by the Chinese to bolster their stronghold on minerals like cobalt used in permanent magnet motors. Many other of the 35 are used in our latest electronic gadgets and defense monitoring and guidance systems. It’s that latter category that scares me. Right here in the U.S. the Chinese have purchased what was our main source of rare earths — Mountain Pass Mine in California. Previous owners shut it down after not controlling the wastewater quality. Do you think the Chinese MP Mine Operations gives a hoot about U.S. wastewater standards?

The point is the Chinese dictatorship has as its goal the ruination of the U.S. economy and inflicting serious harm to our defense. They already control the Panama Canal and steadily are encircling us. Who is to say whether Chinese submarines are or are not enjoying secret passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic now? They don’t even hide the fact they steal technology by buying up American companies or by putting stringent requirements on any U.S. companies in their country. And what do our Congress and business people do? They take short-term profits and put our country at risk. To them, money means more than their country. Their mantra? We’ve done nothing illegal! No, but they will sell their country down the tubes.

What do we do? Hang onto whatever you’re sitting on or in. First, we nationalize all foreign-owned companies, to continue operating without government bean-counter interference. Stockholders’ shares are safe as the government works to resell the companies to United States firms or individuals. This could take a while as the oligarchy reassembles its abilities to act in our interests.

Second, Mr. Trump is correct in attempting to double the Defense Department budget. Somebody must have shown him the situation we are in and scared the bejeebers out of him. Most of the increase must go to the Navy. Bring back old ships, refit them with up-to-date technology and weaponry. We can’t afford all brand new ships and submarines.

Third, develop a battle plan, just as the Chinese have their battle plan against us. Remember, when the Japanese raided us on Dec. 7, 1941, they had a battle plan that ended up with them conquering the Philippines, the Malay Peninsula and dozens of Pacific islands before we could recover. We won’t have recovery time in our next war. A good offense is the best defense, so have one ready to carry the war to our enemy. Right now our Navy should be shadowing every Chinese ship and submarine operating.

Smiths wants to go to war! No. Quite the opposite. I just want this country to wake up ready for one. Wake up, Congress!

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Stanley Smith is a former Cedar Falls City Council member.


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