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Dear Mr. President,

I have been watching your presidency very closely and I have some ideas for you. Let me say, right off the bat, I did not vote for you, but that doesn’t mean we don’t share a few goals. I, too, wanted to “drain the swamp” but it was of the corporate oligarchy we’ve become. That is why I was a Bernie Sanders supporter; another populist revolution, like your own. Only we believe prioritizing working Americans is what builds and sustains our economy, not your policy to create a new Gilded Age of unequaled wealth at the top. Our plan was trickle up, if you will.

Nevertheless, we shared a common goal to change the paradigm in Washington by appealing to common folk. Like us. Well…like me, anyway.

Since your election we have been embroiled in a maelstrom of conflicting agendas, angry voters, passionate supporters, real and fake news. What is leveled onto you every day is beyond my comprehension, and I am not surprised to hear you say you “wake up angry every day.” But, Mr. President, I have to tell you — 90 percent of this is of your own doing.

Your Tweets reveal a vulnerable man, fixated in childhood, perhaps, due to a father with whom you couldn’t get respect. My guess is your whole “loser” refrain comes from a domineering dad.

Your constant need to elevate yourself to the point of making things up, twisting facts, or simply not going into any detail or evidential proof, accomplishes the opposite. I knew a kid in high school who did that. He was called “Sad Sack” which is a funny coincidence because of your use the of the word “sad” to humiliate anyone who contradicts you.

Comedy writer Shelly Goldstein said, “What is truly sad is that someone who works for you says you are dangerous, uninformed and immoral, and you can’t narrow down who that might be to less than … everyone.”

Should you resign? Be impeached? Will you continue your term? I’m going to assume the latter, but while that may be hopeful to you, it isn’t to me. I don’t think you are going to change your approach to your responsibility, your tactics or your braggart nature that attempts to counter your insecurities. I don’t think, in other words, you are going to grow up.

You are imprisoned by who you’ve become and also by what we have done to keep you there. Yes, I think many of your statements, Tweets, outbursts and even policy decisions are a reaction to the ceaseless opposition you face. You have dug-in because giving-in would make you appear weak. And weak is what your personal constitution will not allow. Weak is what your father called a “loser” and in your world there’s nothing worse.

I understand your pain, but I cannot absolve the mean spirit of your presidency. My own father once said to me: “You resist change when you are afraid of what you’ll give up. Focus instead on what you gain.”



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Gary Kroeger is a local business owner and advertising executive in Cedar Falls.


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