Hypothesis: The Democrat Party created Trump and gave him the presidency.

Exhibit 1: The Democrats are out of touch with many of the American people, appearing to be advocating a profound cultural shift the average person neither originated nor wants. We have essentially been told our culture is immoral and it will be changed without our input or permission. If we object, we are either unintelligent or have questionable morals.

Obamacare was an example. Nancy Pelosi summed it up nicely with the now famous remark that it would have to be passed before voters, or even the representatives of the people, could find out what was in it. A large majority of Americans opposed the legislation. Obama had to misrepresent its impact to soothe misgivings, even among the faithful.

Nevertheless, the party passed it.

The Democrats refuse to discipline their own extremists, either refusing to acknowledge their existence or making excuses much like helicopter parents explaining away their teenager’s behavior by saying that it is not as bad as it looks.

At the same time, the party and their media avatars portray all this as a done deal, approved by almost everyone except some isolated “deplorables.” This simply is not true, and people rebelled against it by voting for an outsider who promised to “drain the swamp.”

If the Democratic leadership had been in touch with the country they feel entitled to rule, Trump would never have been elected.

Exhibit 2: Hillary Clinton was one of the worst candidates imaginable. She is an unlikable older woman with probable health problems and with a family history of deceit and potential criminal behavior. She obviously felt it her right to be the next president of the United States. The truth be known, even the kingpins and shakers of the party don’t like her much.

In 2016, one could travel by car across the nation, which I did, and never see a Clinton campaign sign, or any indication anywhere that an average citizen would be enthusiastic enough to actually demonstrate some outward sign of support.

One media commentator put it something like this: The only Democrat who couldn’t beat Trump was Hillary Clinton.

Even a crusty old curmudgeon from New England with utopian socialist dreams that violate basic mathematics had more support from the people.

Trump would never be president if the Democrats had run a decent candidate with even a basic knowledge of whom the voters are.

Trump was created and elected because of an imperial, hubristic and increasingly isolated Democratic Party, whose reaction has been to launch an attack on their own creation by utilizing their imperial structural apparatus rather than admitting they, in their isolation, may have made a fundamental mistake.

Arrogant and out of touch, the once-proud party of the working class has become the party of the elites, making fun of the “deplorables” while surrounding themselves with fringe victim groups to satisfy their claim to messianic superiority.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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