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COLUMN: Why Trump is only alternative

COLUMN: Why Trump is only alternative

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If the world really is structured the way the media portrays it, how would Donald Trump have any followers at all?

Several years ago, Pew Reports found that only 5% of media stories were positive for Trump. A survey by the conservative Media Research Center in May found ABC, CBS, and NBC stories about Trump were 99.5% negative. To put this into perspective, only 28% of the coverage of the last president to be impeached, Bill Clinton, was negative.

Even positive stories are given a negative slant. Newspaper headlines will negate positive news about Trump. Headlines similar to this are common: “Trump’s Economy Booms: Poor Left Behind.” One is reminded of the old political joke about the politician who walked on water only to find the headline: “Rumor Confirmed: Politician Can’t Swim.”

With this massive negative tsunami, how is it possible Trump still appears to have almost half of voters supporting him?

This barrage of negativity obviously has an effect. I have an older relative, who is a remarkably good person, who will repeat the liberal talking points almost word for word. He gets his news from CNN and seems to have never questioned their stance on Trump or to even have thought of doing so.

We know exactly what he will say even before he says it.

His grandson, who is a construction worker, will reply to him by saying, “Well… hmm.” He is sure his grandfather is brainwashed, but doesn’t want to be disrespectful.

In this may be the answer to our question.

The grandson makes a good living as a skilled worker in an occupation were his ideas and opinions are tested daily by reality. He has not been to college. He is a decent man with a good family. He will probably vote for Trump.

He is an intelligent man and not an ignorant buffoon. Biden supporters who see themselves as smarter and morally superior have a viewpoint only reinforced by their isolation.

The most culturally isolated people in America are middle and upper-class liberals. Lower and working-class people are actually more culturally aware. They live in the real world surrounded by people of all races and backgrounds. They are well-aware of American liberalism having been educated in state-run schools, listening to liberals in the media and having seen movies and TV series almost without number presented as if everyone is in total agreement with liberals of a certain class.

They also have much more interaction with the government as it actually functions. I recently overheard three women angrily taking the police to task. “They never show up,” one said while the other two nodded in agreement. “Call them when a woman is getting beat up and they never even answer your call.” They never, however, said police should be disbanded.

Visit a native American reservation that doesn’t have a casino and some expensive lawyers and you will see firsthand the effect of the myopic, dogma-driven compassion of liberals of a certain class.

For many, Trump has been their only alternative.

Dennis Clayson is a retired marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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