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COLUMN: No love for Biden

COLUMN: No love for Biden

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Since Obama, Democrats have advanced presidential candidates that few really want. Instead, they encourage their faithful to vote against someone.

Four years ago, before the last general election, I took a long road trip of several thousand miles. I attempted to stay off the freeways as much as possible. During this time, I saw numerous Trump signs, but to my surprise, I saw no signs for Hillary Clinton … not a single one … anywhere.

It was obvious that she had no support, based on her own charisma or likability. The power brokers had determined it was her turn. That and a fear of Trump seemed to be the primary motivation for a Clinton voter.

I just returned from another long road trip. In the rural areas, there were numerous Trump signs, many of them homemade. There were almost no signs for Biden.

The only Biden banners were on a street lined with old trees and expensive homes in a genteel part of a town. About every third lawn had a BLM sign, even though it was obvious that no Blacks lived on this street now, or any time since the beginning of the world. There were several Biden signs, all mass produced at some union shop.

As with the last election cycle, there appears to be very little grassroot support for the Democrat candidate.

The backers of Biden remind us of a 4-year-old who is told that he must eat his vegetables if he wants dessert. There is no love for the candidate, but voters are told they must vote to obtain a reward, in this case the defeat of the dastardly Trump.

Llewellyn King, a producer on PBS, wrote a column paradoxically positing that Biden was SO decent that his campaign lacked passion.

King, after establishing his anti-Trump creds by outlining the long and media-approved list of Trump’s sins, said the following, “I get the feeling Biden isn’t the man he was eight years ago, when he would’ve been a more appealing candidate within his limitations. He seems diminished, his fire reduced to an ember.”

King continued, “As it is, Democrats and renegade Republicans will slouch to the polls to vote against Trump. Few in their hearts will vote for Biden.”

King’s view of Biden is partisan. Biden is no more “decent” than the average life-long politician, who has produced little to nothing except a very good living for themselves and their close relatives.

Compared to the circus revealed in the primaries, Biden simply appeared to be more likely to take votes away from Trump.

That he may be a cipher whose strength is not likely to last his tenure does not seem to matter.

Unless a person is sympathetic of socialism and/or is in favor of revolution, their vote this year will be a vote against Trump, not a vote for Biden. Except for its radicals, the Democrat Party, as portrayed to its voters, has become nothing more than the Anti-Trump Party.

Dennis Clayson is a retired marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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