Let’s talk about impeachment.

First, we will get the creds out of the way. I do not like President Trump on a personal level. Like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, I consider him to be a con lacking basic morality.

If you wonder how anyone could vote for Trump, it is equally puzzling how anyone could vote for Clinton. She has violated the law, colluded with foreign powers for her own benefit, and made herself rich by selling influence. She attempted to shield her husband from blowback (no pun intended) by numerous women and conducted smear campaigns against those who were the most vocal.

If she had won the election, would you now be calling for her impeachment?

If the same evidence (or lack thereof) was found against Barack Obama, and some of it was, would you have demanded his impeachment?

Can you outline what laws Trump has broken? Not the laws that were suddenly discovered over the last three years, but laws that actually exist.

If a Democrat is elected president in 2020, will you call for impeachment over similar issues? Do you want Elizabeth Warren, for example, treated in a similar manner? Or would you find that unacceptable?

Have you noticed that impeachment is being pushed by the establishment, which can’t believe Trump was ever elected? One would expect that the people would have to persuade their representatives to impeach a sitting president, rather than the elites trying to get enough public support to do what they wanted to do as soon as they lost an election to an outsider.

Do you actually trust the media to give you an accurate picture of what is going on?

Have you noticed how these issues evolve? If you haven’t, you should pay more attention. If you have paid attention, don’t you find it all just a bit odd?

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Have you noticed that an incident is turned into an issue, which is turned into a charge of impropriety, which then magically drowns out all other news until a story is created that there may be a violation of a law, which then becomes proof that a law was broken?

Then Trump must go to save the Constitution.

If you haven’t noticed this blatant propaganda ploy, maybe you shouldn’t have any opinion on the impeachment matter. If you have noticed, why are you falling for it?

Take a deep breath and ask yourself another question: Do you actually believe that Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach a president?

We are experiencing political theater, but in this case we are also experiencing the unraveling of logic and decency that allows a democracy to exist.

You are being incredibly naive if you think it is all Trump’s


Do we want a country where an elected president is constantly being harassed by the courts and who is in danger of being impeached because his opponents hate him?

Do you really believe Trump is so special that these tactics won’t bleed over to the next president, and the one after that?

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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