Several months ago, it was argued in this space that the Democrats and the entrenched bureaucracy in D.C. actually created Donald Trump.

A party that wanted nothing to do with white males and even tried to turn them into an evil subclass, a bureaucracy that couldn’t leave anything or anyone alone, including the mud puddle by the barn, a president who wanted to fundamentally change America, radicals who seemed perpetually outraged at their self-identified victim status and could only find evil in our own history; all of this combined with a presidential candidate that no one actually liked but whom had been ordained by the ruling class as the next president, and golly, we got Trump.

What in the world did they expect?

Liberalism is a power structure locked inside a cultural bubble, a culture not shared by a majority of Americans. A bubble society, in fact, that wants little to do with average Americans.

All of this has come back to bite them on the rear. In response, we have been exposed to one continuous, never-ending temper tantrum for the last three years.

Now that they have created their monster, they must find some way to get rid of him. But there is a problem, which is becoming more evident by the day; they are turning themselves into monsters in response.

There are people I respect who want Trump gone and others who consider the impeachment a travesty, but irrespective of what we think of Trump, the Democratic elites’ response has been disgraceful. They manufactured things that don’t exist. They have lied and obfuscated.

They have stretched the very fabric of a democratic society to its breaking point.

But, they say, it is all Trump’s fault. No, it is not.

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Except for some nasty political strategies, revenge, and hatred, why attempt to impeach Trump at this point? So, he is a lying manipulator with a penchant for self-aggrandizement, and your people aren’t?

There is an election coming up in a year; let the people decide. Isn’t that what it is all about? Otherwise, why should Democrats call themselves democrats?

No, no, we must act now. The union is in danger. The Constitution is hanging by a thread! Oh, please.

The elites have created a monster in the minds of their followers.

With constant bombardment of their party and the media, they have ginned up a hatred, and now that hatred demands action.

Nancy Pelosi does not want to pursue impeachment, but again, what in the world did they expect?

Perhaps, isolated inside the bubble, it is inconceivable that what is done by one group can be done again by another.

The Democrats could win this battle by acting like reasoned adults, by appearing to be fair and balanced, and by advancing a candidate who actually promised to support everyone, including the “deplorables” and the “bitter clingers.”

Otherwise, they will get what they deserve, either by losing the next election or by poisoning the well their own president will need to survive.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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