Many people see fairness as a type of equality. They tend to believe the outcome of one, in relation to their input, should be equivalent to another with the same input.

If, for example, you and I were arrested for an infraction of the law, an important person should be arrested for the same infraction.

In this regard, some in the media have lost it, apparently so completely they might not even know it.

We can use the headlines from CNN from only one day.

“Ivanka mocked for ‘tone deaf’ tweet.” Ivanka Trump posted a picture holding her 2-year-old child. Imagine Chelsea Clinton being “mocked” for holding a child.

“Idaho woman challenges establishment [running to become] nation’s first Native American governor.” Who is the “establishment” that is opposed to this? Would you, the reader, be opposed? Are you more virtuous than those shadowy figures lurking out there in the dark, just waiting to impose their bigotry on everyone? Are CNN’s people suffering from paranoia? Maybe CNN has a bigoted attitude toward those backwoods folks in Idaho?

In this hypersensitive age, perhaps CNN should be banned because of its false, hateful, totally biased and bigoted reaction to those in “the establishment” of Idaho.

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My favorite for the day, however, is this gem of a headline: “Trump says, without proof, that Mueller ...”

Imagine how useful that phrase “without proof” could be. How about this for a headline? “Mueller whips up hatred toward Trump by accusing, without proof, collusion with the Russians!”

Or: “Obama says, without proof, that Obamacare will lower insurance premiums.” Even better, we could proclaim: “Scientist say, without proof, food will lose nutritional value because of global warming.”

Since proofs are so difficult, we could throw that little gem into any headline related to anything or anybody we dislike.

Ah, you may be saying, I just don’t understand the nuances CNN and its acolytes are portraying. Ivanka, for example, posted the picture in the same news cycle in which CNN condemned her father’s stance on immigrant children. Since they condemned his action, his actions must be simply awful, and since he is dumb and a racist, his actions must be dumb and racist. And since CNN doesn’t like him and they love and adore children, Trump must hate children, and Ivanka was just using her own child to defuse CNN’s well-thought-out opinion aired on their very intelligent and always fair network. Hence it is justified to mock a child of a president who would so evilly use her own child to protect the lying, dumb, racist and child-hating father.

But then again, since the folks who work at places like CNN are smarter than you and me (just ask them), perhaps they have simply found a niche to maintain their ratings and revenues. Their business motto: “Every day, every hour, we hate Trump even more than you.”

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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