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Physicists say it is theoretically possible to have parallel universes. It could be argued, however, that it is no longer a theory. Just look at America’s news sources.

I have an app that gives headlines and leading stories from both Fox News and CNN. Several weeks ago on the same day, there appeared these headlines. From Fox, “Clinton campaign helped fund research that led to salacious Trump dossier, report says.” On CNN, “Desperate for distraction, Republicans open investigation.” Both were talking about the same event.

You can tell this was a big story because the norm is to simply ignore news that doesn’t fit your “narrative.”

A day after Donna Brazile dropped her bomb on the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton, she ceased to exist on CNN. Its lead story was, “GOP’s Corker blasts Trump for pressuring Justice Department.” Meanwhile Fox was trying to keep the story alive. Their headline read, “Gregg Jarett: Hillary’s scheme in ‘rigging’ the nomination may have been criminal.”

Brazile claimed Clinton used her money and the money of the DNC to exclude any other candidate from winning, i.e. “rigging” the election and guaranteeing Sanders had the same chance of winning as we have of draining the D.C. swamp. This story disappeared off the edge of the flat earth. When her anti-Clinton remarks went public, they were not mentioned on ABC. They hardly saw the light of day on NBC, and, of course, CBS never heard of it.

The networks did manage to report on “Russian meddling,” and although there appeared to be much smoke, no one seems to be able to find the actual fire. Evidently, we are not sure who was “meddling” with whom. Nevertheless, it is news we should all care about.

The potentially criminal behavior in the DNC is something we shouldn’t care about.

That Clinton and her husband managed to enrich themselves from the sale of anything not nailed down, including lots and lots of American radioactive material that re-appeared in (can we say it?) Russia, it is not news.

In the parallel universes we now inhabit, crimes are crimes only if they are committed by someone you don’t support. Otherwise, crimes by those you wish to support don’t exist.

It seems there are things that are real in one universe that do not exist in the other. However, some events do appear in both, but with opposite charges, much like matter and antimatter.

In both universes, we are constantly told someone is guilty of something, and it is probably criminal.

Is it Trump, or is it Clinton?

Maybe it is both, but could that happen? According to physicists, matter and antimatter, brought into contact, simply annihilate each other, and the whole thing ceases to exist.

Which may not be a bad thing. Maybe we could start over with some new news sources and maybe even a new crop of politicians who are not slimy swamp critters.

One can only hope.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa.


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