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Presidential election


CEDAR FALLS -- I voted for Hillary Clinton, but I was disappointed by her campaign. The Democrats failed to provide a message that would appeal to the needs of working people. Sadly, some Democrats have blamed the outcome on petty issues such as fake news circulated on social media, the director of the FBI's irresponsible outbursts, Bernie Sanders supporters, Russian hacking, electoral fraud, Jill Stein and the Electoral College.

Some of these issues may have affected the results of a close contest. However, it should not have been close given Donald Trump's incompetence and appeals to hatred. If Democrats are to move forward they must push for sensible policies that include raising the minimum wage, addressing the concerns raised by Black Lives Matter and restricting environmental disasters like the Keystone pipeline. The Democrats must endorse a program of positive change for working people if they wish to provide an alternative to the Republicans.

Medicaid services


CEDAR FALLS -- With more than 560,000 Iowans depending on Medicaid services and annual costs approaching $5 billion, administrative changes were introduced last April replacing state officials with three independent Managed Care Organizations.

While the shift to managed care represents a significant change for the Iowa Medicaid program, the move is not uncommon. Thirty-nine other states already use MCOs for Medicaid program administration and have experienced great success.

First quarter reports released by the Department of Human Services reveal similar triumphs in Iowa. Medicaid modernization is good for all Iowans. Patients are receiving better treatment, more value added services and broadened access to preventative care. Taxpayers gain as the move to managed care has generated fewer improper payments, improved protection from fraud, waste and program abuse. Medicaid modernization seems right for Iowa.

I applaud Governor Branstad and lawmakers for having the courage to break free from an old system that was being stressed to meet the needs of today’s patients and taxpayers.

Light cameras


CEDAR FALLS -- Cedar Falls needs red light cameras. If you are arguing about this proposal stripping your rights, I challenge you to put down your cell phone and pull over. You will have to stop at the red light with your phone down to make these observations. (This also could be called responsible or proper driving.)

Just look out the window of your vehicle. That activity will seem strange at first. Or walk to any lighted intersection in Cedar Falls, watch the intersection cycle through one or two changes. That is all it will take for you to see poor light obedience.

I see parents on their phones with kids in the car every day. That behavior is just as dangerous as intoxicated driving and yet it is not a primary fine. Soon no one will be looking up. Do we need additional deaths for civic outcry?


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