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Assembly attacked women

Stephanie Schwinn

WAVERLY — I was appalled about the Junkyard Prophet’s assembly at Dunkerton High School, particularly by their vicious attack on the young women. Using female sexuality to shame women into silence and submission is the oldest play in the misogynist playbook.

To those young women: Your sexuality — which is about much more than sex — is a normal, natural, beautiful and God-given part of who you are. With the guidance of the trusted adults in your lives and your own consciousness you will be able to make responsible decisions regarding your sexuality. You were humiliated and disrespected through no fault of your own. Eve was taken from Adam’s side to be his equal. Gender inequality is a sin resulting from the "fall." Those of you who stood up to those Taliban Christian bullies demonstrated remarkable courage. I am proud to call you sisters in the fight for equality, dignity and respect.


Traffic cameras save lives

Timothy Devine

CEDAR FALLS — Speed and redlight cameras have quickly become an issue in Iowa. Is it due to the fact Governor Terry Branstad himself is opposed to such cameras because he received a ticket for speeding by these fruitless contraptions?

Representative Walt Rogers, R-Cedar Falls, made his case to ban traffic cameras in the Feb. 23 Courier. In his article, Rogers provided readers with opinions rather than data from research institutions or transportation agencies.

Sadly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 850 people per year die and 170,000 people are injured in accidents related to running a red light. Rogers is correct that longer yellow lights are helpful. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found violations were reduced by 36 percent with longer yellow lights. When coupled with red-light cameras, violations decrease by roughly 93 percent.

From 2004-2008, the IIHS discovered cities with traffic cameras saw a 24 percent reduction in red-light accidents in comparison to cities without traffic cameras. They are far from perfect, but they work.


War bankrupts our souls


CEDAR FALLS — Why are we shocked when one of our own soldiers turns into a murderer?

As a country we have not only bankrupted our financial stability, we have also bankrupted our souls.

The song from The Vietnam era keeps raging through my head: "When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?"