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Trump Travel Ban Glossary

President Donald Trump speaks to the Major County Sheriffs’ Association and Major Cities Chiefs Association on Wednesday in Washington.

The politically correct but naïve response to President Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim immigration has been to protest his action as “un-American,” xenophobic and racist. While this protest may serve some political purpose, it is neither wise nor beneficial for the welfare of our nation.

It may be argued with some correctness fear of different races and cultures (xenophobia) may have motivated the U.S. Congress’ Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the formation of the anti-Catholic “American Protection Association” organized in Clinton, Iowa, in 1887. Fear of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe may have been the motivation for organizing the “Immigration Restriction League” in 1894.

However, Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim nations is at root a profoundly different matter. It is an attempt to protect the citizens of the United States against followers of a fundamentalist Islamic ideology who are publicly committed to hatred of America and to waging perpetual jihad (holy war) against America, Western democracies and the Christian religion.

Thankfully, only a minority of Muslims are committed to this ideology. However, it is our government’s role to protect the citizenry and to preserve our democratic form of government and our institutions. This is not xenophobic or an un-American decision, but it is a reminder of the critical responsibility our president and our government have to preserve our democratic freedoms and institutions from those who are pledged to destroy them.

In America, we have experienced the seriousness of this threat beginning on Sept. 11, 2001, when 19 Islamic terrorists perpetrated their horrendous crimes at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. More than 3,000 civilians lost their lives because of this Islamic commitment to perpetual jihad against America and the democratic West.

This kind of religious terror revealed itself again in 2009 at Fort Hood where 14 people were murdered by American Maj. Nidal Hasan as he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Great!), and at the Boston Marathon in 2013 where 260 people were injured and three killed by two Muslim immigrants from Chechnya.

At Chattanooga, Tenn., on July 16, 2015, Kuwaiti-born jihadist Mohammed Abdulazeez murdered four Marines and one sailor.

On Dec. 14, 2015, Syed Farook and his wife, Pakistani immigrant Tashfeen Malik, murdered 14 and injured 22 at a holiday office party of his fellow employees. On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen murdered 49 and injured 53 at an Orlando, Fla., nightclub. Before his death, Mateen pledge fealty to ISIS, declaring: “Real Muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the West. ... I pledge my alliance to Abu bakr Baghdadi... may Allah accept me.”

The jihad against America continued on Sept. 17, 2016, when a Somali refugee stabbed nine people at a St. Cloud, Minn., mall yelling “Allahu Akbar!” Also, on Sept. 17, an immigrant from Afghanistan set off multiple bombs in New York and New Jersey injuring more than 30 people. He wrote in his journal: “I pray to the beautiful, wise ALLAH, do not take JIHAD away from me.”

As we remember these and other atrocities committed here in America by Muslims, many of them immigrants, it is evident President Trump is correct when he points out the United States has failed to effectively vet immigrants. The evidence is clear. Radical Islam is as dangerous to American democracy as any other totalitarian ideology, e.g. Nazism or Communism.

Whether we like Trump or not, let’s quit acting like children and for the sake of the security of America, (this includes the welfare of our peaceful Muslim neighbors,) support our president as he calls for a temporary stay on immigration until the vetting process for immigrants and refugees is improved.

The Rev. Duane R. Lindberg, PhD, american studies, is presiding pastor (bishop) emeritus of the American Association of Lutheran Churches.


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