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Andrew M. McDermott, 26, and Jessica L. Holck, 24, both of Cedar Falls.

Neils J. Thulstrup, 34, and Melissa J. Atiya, 33, both of Cedar Falls.

Paul L. Kowalski, 58, and Catherine A. Frimml, 58, both of Waterloo.

Brent M. Mead, 23, and Hannah C. Lodge, 22, both of Cedar Falls.

Christopher P. King, 45, and Lynette M. Feauto, 41, both of Clarksville.

Alex R. Kane, 20, and Amanda R. Trimble, 20, both of Waterloo.

Craig A. Stovall III, 20, and Jenny L. Vanlengen, 23, both of Waterloo.

Darryl R. Tarbor, 54, and Leslie A. Winters, 48, both of Waterloo.

Andrew M. Seiffert, 31, and Alexis R. Essex, 23, both of Waterloo.

Diane N. Charley, 29, and Jane Apaisam, 34, both of Waterloo.

Christopher J. Christianson, 25, and Emily J. Priske, 23, both of Waterloo.

Joseph G. Malsam, 36, and Katherine L. Kimber, 34, both of Waterloo.

Christopher M. Sogard, 38, and Kathryn E. Huber, 30, both of Waterloo.

Michael V. Bohle, 24, and Abigail M. Bates, 23, both of Waterloo.

Ezrah T. Szczyrbak, 26, and Chelsea M. Hartman, 21, both of Cedar Falls.

Onteral D. Kylandezes, 39, and Nicolette M. Juhl, 35, both of Waterloo.

Vai H. Thang Ve, 42, and Duh Ream, 36, both of Waterloo.

Derek R. Videbeck, 45, and Denise L. Christensen, 42, both of Waterloo.

Kyle R. Armbrecht, 28, and Jane E. Fitzpatrick, 26, both of Cedar Falls.


FOULK, Debra K. and Rodney K., married May 15, 1997, in Washburn.

FLEMING, Shannon L. and Christopher J., married Aug. 1, 2009, in Evansdale.

CAPESIUS, Lawrence J. and PEYRES, Mary J., married Feb. 14, 2015, in Las Vegas.

WELLS, Megan J. and Brian J., married May 26, 2007, in Waterloo.

PETERSEN, Julie R. and Kevin L., married Nov. 22, 1986, in Kossuth County.

McALPINE, Bess A. and Bryan P., married in 2007 in Iowa.

GUERNSEY, William L. and Michele S., married July 29, 2010, in Cedar Falls.

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