Daniel R. Hippe, 37, and Keira M. Stinson, 34, both of Cedar Falls.

Charles G. Metcalf, 32, and Roxanne K. Rus, 32, both of Janesville.

Matthew C. Dunn, 48, and Deanna L. Larson, 54, both of Hudson.

Mohammed A. Mostafa, 25, and LaKeisha L. Cooper, 38, both of Waterloo.

Vai Thang Ve, 42, and Duh Rem, 36, both of Waterloo.

Dick A. Wiese, 28, and Emily A. Duval, 23, both of Cedar Falls.

Christopher D. O’Connell, 46, and Melissa L. Craig, 34, both of Waterloo.

Joshua P. Ochoa, 22, and McKenzie A. Sesterhenn, 22, both of Cedar Falls.

Joseph J. Mujica, 28, and Lindsay M. Williams, 25, both of Waterloo.

Joseph B. Scurr, 24, and Erinn E. Knight, 24, both of Cedar Falls.

Paul H. Yungtum, 31, and Makenze S. Mobley, 25, both of Cedar Falls.

David G. Priemer, 27, of Cedar Falls, and Janet M. Kenyon, 23, of Whittemore.

Juan M. Macias Jr., 30, and Elvia E. Barrera, 28, both of Waterloo.

Ryan E. Hovey, 34, and Sydney B. Mason, 31, both of Cedar Falls.

Christopher B. Runyan, 48, and Geraldine K. Gulbrandson, 46, both of Cedar Falls.

Joseph M. Kuebler, 31, and Kaytlyn A. Anderson, 28, both of Cedar Falls.

Christian J. Nichols, 26, and Michele M. Dacy, 23, both of Waterloo.

Michael C. Sellers, 34, and Sarah L. Ellenberger, 27, both of Elk Run Heights.

Eric J. Budde, 21, and Samantha M. Vest, 21, both of Waterloo.

Brian T. Brunsen, 23, and Elizabeth M. Highland, 23, both of North Liberty.

Drew T. Kahler, 29, and Katherine S. Niebuhr, 33, both of Waterloo.

Stephen B. Wyant, 25, and Brianna L. Magnuson, 23, both of Evansdale.


ALEXANDER, Shawna M. and Ricardo D., married March 20, 2013, in Iowa.

MITCHELL, Reuben and Rose, married Nov. 14, 2012, in Monrovia, Liberia.

DOBBELS CONLIN, Amy J., and CONLIN, Sean M., married May 27, 2000, in Cedar Falls.