Yvain Jackson, 60, and Mary N. Smith, 50, both of Waterloo.

Derek J.S. Newton, 32, and Meghan E. Cain, 25, both of Cedar Falls.

Antonio T. Valdez Sanford, 25, and Jalia J. Ravin, 26, both of Cedar Falls.

Corey J.M. Moeller, 26, and Melinda M. Titus, 26, both of Waterloo.

Terrance D. Sayles, 26, and Twinetta M. Anderson, 36, both of Waterloo.

Justin M. Davis, 26, of Waterloo, and Nicole M. Bosley, 25, of Elk Run Heights.

Jarmmal A. Phillips, 34, and Tiana S. Stewart, 30, both of Waterloo.

Nicholas L. Craghead, 22, and LeAnne J. Jones, 20, both of Cedar Falls.

Christopher L. Eagan, 49, and Stephanie M. Sokoloski, 33, both of Cedar Falls.

Trevor L. Zuck, 25, and Billie J. Ebaugh, 23, both of Waterloo.

David J. Orona, 24, of Elk Run Heights, and Breanna S. Fecht, 23, of Waterloo.

Joseph M. Citta, 27, and Lydia D. Parcher, 26, both of Grand Forks, N.D.


KISNER, Cyndal M. and James E., married Oct. 6, 2014, in Evansdale.

BREITBACH, Steven J. and Mary A., married April 30, 2005, in Dubuque.

TERRELL, Victoria D. and Michael A., married Nov. 11, 2011, in Waterloo.

HILLERTZ, Emily J. and Andrew C., married June 26, 2011, in Madison, Wis.