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WATERLOO, Iowa --- A Waterloo resident who was shot and killed by police after allegedly pointing a gun at a crowd Sunday morning had obtained a permit to carry a gun days earlier, according to authorities.

Records at the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office show Derrick Ambrose Jr. received his permit on Nov. 13, following a delay to adjudicate a drug charge.

Less than a week after he received the permit, Ambrose, 22, was dead after an incident outside a nightclub and fleeing from Officer Kyle Law.

Derrick Johnson, a friend of Ambrose, said Ambrose didn't carry a gun because he had been threatened but obtained his license because other acquaintances had theirs.

"A lot of people our age are getting one," Johnson said.

Sheriff Tony Thompson, who issued Ambrose's permit to carry a weapon, said Ambrose was within Iowa law to obtain the permit. A change in state law in 2011 took discretion out of the permit process and required county sheriffs to issue permits if applicants are free of felony convictions and mental health committals and undergo training.

Thompson said Ambrose wouldn't have received a permit under the old discretionary process.

Thompson said Ambrose originally was turned down for the permit in June 2012 because of a pending misdemeanor marijuana possession charge that stemmed from a December 2011 traffic stop where police found a burned cigar that smelled like marijuana in an acquaintance's car Ambrose was driving.

On Oct. 27, he pleaded guilty to an amended charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and was sentenced to two days in jail.

With the case over, Ambrose was issued a permit to purchase on Nov. 1 and then received his permit to carry on Nov. 13.

Courier archives also show that police tasered Ambrose in April 2010 during a disturbance where people allegedly were blocking traffic and then pelted a responding squad car with rocks. Ambrose was arrested for interference and assault on an officer, but the case later was expunged.

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