Iowa Falls Fire Department patch

Iowa Falls Fire Department patch

IOWA FALLS — A Kwik Star convenience store remains closed after more than a dozen employees reported feeling dizzy, lightheaded and nauseous, though no cause was yet known for their illnesses.

Iowa Falls Fire Chief Scott Eisentrager said 14 employees of the Kwik Star sought treatment at the Hansen Family Hospital emergency room Sunday and Monday. The store was closed at 4:15 p.m. Monday, he said.

“It will remain closed until all of the tests are satisfying to Kwik Star and to the state,” Eisentrager said Tuesday afternoon.

Employees’ symptoms including feeling dizzy, lightheaded and sick to their stomachs.

It’s the second time employees have come down with similar symptoms at that convenience store. The Iowa Falls Times-Citizen reported June 26 that three people had to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after the store’s roof hatch had lodged, pulling exhaust fumes into the store.

But Eisentrager cautioned the roof hatch wasn’t officially named as the cause of the June sicknesses and didn’t know if it was a factor in this weekend’s incidents.

“That’s what they’re trying to discover now,” he said.

He said the department’s monitors hadn’t picked up any traces of natural gas, either, and Alliant Energy was also on scene.

“I just wish we could pinpoint a cause,” he said.

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