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LA PORTE CITY — A military helicopter was used Wednesday in the ongoing search for a missing La Porte City teen.

Jake Wilson, 16, has been missing since April 7. The teen, who has autism, told his family he was going to Wolf Creek, and law enforcement has been investigating since.

A CH-47 helicopter from the Iowa National Guard was flown Wednesday morning over portions of Wolf Creek, causing a “disturbance” in the creek “to move things around enough to possibly free up an object under the water,” according to La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher.

He said the Guard was able to assist in the search as part of a training mission.

“We have two teams of three kayaks making their way down the creek at this time to see if this yielded any immediate results,” Brecher said in a Wednesday evening release.

The helicopter is one of several tools law enforcement has been using to search Wolf Creek, which has several log jams and other snags that required the use of an excavator. That excavator was paid for in part by a Black Hawk County Gaming Association grant.

Brecher noted the helicopter also allowed searchers to see the logs that have so far been pulled from the creek.

“Most of the creek that has been covered so far is lined with piles of large trees and branches that have been causing us all of our headaches,” Brecher said in the release.

Brecher also said he was “pleased” with the operational progress so far. He noted that since the Cedar River remains flooded for now, his department won’t be asking for volunteers from the public.

“At this time, we will be holding off on public foot searches,” he said. “Again, thank you for your patience with this investigation and keeping Jake’s name in the front light.”


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