WATERLOO — With 105 days left until the Iowa caucuses more presidential candidates are making their way to Iowa, including Tom Steyer, who made stops in the Cedar Valley on Monday.

The billionaire and former hedge fund executive spoke to about 70 people at SingleSpeed Brewing Co. in downtown Waterloo, zeroing in on undecided voters.

“I’m running because we have a broken government, and it’s been bought by corporations. They no longer listen to the American people,” Steyer said.

Prior to entering the presidential race in August as a Democrat, Steyer previously focused his efforts on impeaching President Donald Trump. In 2013, he started NextGen America, which focused on registering college students to vote and has a presence on 40 Iowa college campuses.

“If you see something really wrong at the heart of your society, you don’t wait until it takes over everything — you fight it as soon as you can and you fight it all the time,” Steyer said. “When I think about impeachment, I think about the American people insisting that the elected officials in Washington do the right thing.”

Steyer said the American people are the “heroes” behind the U.S. House Of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry.

“I listen to the debates, and it sounds like we have a broken country and a broken people. We are not a broken country. We are the most successful country in the history of the planet Earth,” Steyer said.

Daniel O’Leary of Waterloo was at the event. He has seen several other presidential candidates speak.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet,” O’Leary said. “There’s a ways to go yet. There’s a lot of things that could happen.”

Jeanette Talbert of Cedar Falls is also undecided, but was impressed by Steyer.

“I’m concerned that the candidates at the top won’t get the middle section of the vote that we’re going to desperately need,” Talbert said. “I like the idea that he’s made a business for himself, so he’s no dummy, but I am concerned he doesn’t have political expertise or experience.”

But Merlyn McFee of Waterloo walked out of the event carrying a Steyer yard sign.

“Him and Pete (Buttigieg) are the two I like,” McFee said. “I think (Steyer) is going to do a great job against Trump because he seems organized right and he’s got his money into it and he has that presence. ... I’m definitely going to pull for him.”

Earlier in the day Steyer visited the University of Northern Iowa campus and talked with students.

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