CEDAR FALLS — More information is coming out of Cedar Falls because of the newest face in City Hall.

Amanda Huisman, 32, has joined the city of Cedar Falls as its new communications specialist, a position created by the City Council in December to help provide more information on social media and to news organizations about what’s going on around the city. Huisman hit the ground running May 20.

“The city does a lot of wonderful things,” Huisman said. “I moved to Cedar Falls when I was 18 to go to college, and I was blown away how incredible this city is. It’s a wonderful place to be and raise a family.”

Originally from Marshalltown, Huisman went to the University of Northern Iowa and decided to stay because of the community. She aims to tell others reasons to stay in Cedar Falls after college.

Communicating for a city is unique, Huisman said. Everything the city does is already public.

“Which is great. That’s exactly how’s it is supposed to be, but because of that there’s a lot of room for interpretation,” she said. “What my job is, is to work more with media and to make sure we have press releases going out so people know what’s going on. ... It’s a lot about providing that transparency so people know what’s going on in the city.”

Huisman previously worked at UnityPoint Health in Waterloo as a communication specialist.

Cedar Falls recently added the communications position. Social media came to prominence while Huisman was in college, giving her an edge in learning its ins and outs, she said.

“Since it became such a primary form of communication it has become appropriate to have somebody, as part of their initial job, handle all of that,” Huisman said.

She’s working to make sure some of the less public faces of the city get their time to shine. She had public works employees talk to students at Hansen Elementary School last week.

“The work like that, the work our garbage men do is something I think people take for granted. They don’t think about it unless something happens,” Huisman said. “I really want to recognize a lot of the great things people do here.”

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