CEDAR RAPIDS — Running for office, Democrat Rob Sand billed himself as something of a penny-pincher.

“He loves efficiency,” his wife, Christine, said in a campaign ad that featured her frustration with him turning off the lights around the house.

In his second week on the job, the newly elected state auditor is bringing those habits to his Capitol office.

Sand has decided the office will no longer print copies of its audits and investigations. Last year, the office produced 366 financial reports and 24 performance reports.

“The printed copies have nice plastic covers on them, they have binders, they’re made of plastic, they take some significant time to assemble,” Sand explained. “So we’ll save on ink, paper, binders and human hours to assemble them.”

The savings aren’t huge, but significant — about $12,000 in his office’s $980,000 annual budget.

In the past, the Auditor’s Office printed copies for every member of the governing body of whatever agency, city, county or other entity it audited. The reports will continue to be available online as PDFs, “Which means that if for whatever reason you want a printed copy, you can go ahead and print it,” Sand said.

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Statehouse reporter for The Courier

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