WATERLOO — The City Council has turned down a liquor license for a bar that has generated police calls and neighborhood complaints.

City Council members voted unanimously Monday to reject a request for a license sought by Fusion Bar, also known as Trucker Bar, at 1915 Bourland Ave.

Pending an appeal to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, Fusion Bar will lose its right to serve alcohol when its current license expires Dec. 13.

The Waterloo Police Department had recommended denying the license based on calls for service to the business, including three calls in the past year that led the bar to be declared a “chronic nuisance property.”


The most recent chronic nuisance call was Oct. 20, when officers were called to the establishment after a man allegedly pointed a handgun at his ex-girlfriend and a bartender before pistol whipping and attempting to shoot a patron who intervened.

Police Chief Dan Trelka said the bar previously was deemed a chronic nuisance in 2014 but was removed from the list after providing an abatement plan and going a full year without having a call for police service that counted as a nuisance violation.

“They have again been designated a chronic nuisance property and they have submitted an abatement plan,” Trelka said. “However, as far as our bars in the city go right now, they’re in the spotlight. No other bar is a chronic nuisance property, yet they are.”


Several council members noted they have fielded complaints about Fusion Bar from neighboring home owners.

“It’s built in a residential area; there are houses right next to it,” said Councilman Steve Schmitt. “It never should have been a bar to begin with.”

Cecililja Puric, who has co-owned the bar for 10 years, said Tuesday she was unaware the liquor license had been rejected. She declined further comment until having a chance to talk to the police chief about the situation.