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Citizens make their picks for municipal offices, Jesup opts for new mayor

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Jesup resident Janette Kester, left, delivers her ballot Tuesday at the First Presbyterian Church in Jesup.

JESUP | Voters in Jesup on Tuesday ousted incumbent Mayor David Bishop, selecting challenger Larry Thompson instead by a vote of 361 to 167.

In City Council races, voters filled three at-large seats. The top vote-getters were Richard Mott, 436, Russ Solomon, 327, and Dawn Vogel, 380. Others on the ballot included John Crawford, 176, and Darren Engbretson, 145.

Janette Kester was among those making her picks in what officials described as fairly heavy turnout.

"Because I think it's important to vote so if things don't go the way I like, at least I've done my part," she said.

Kester liked the selection on the ballot but went in the polling site with clear intentions.

"And I knew who I wanted to vote for, so I had no problems," she added.

Resident Peggy Alexander also viewed the election as significant and said she was hoping for a change.

"Because I'm tired of all the complaining at the council meetings, so I stopped going," she said.

Alexander said she is trying to be optimistic the election heals long-standing fissures in the community.

"Hopefully. We'll see who they get in there this time. Because it's very divided -- and I've only lived here five years," she said.

Denver voters had just one contest to decide -- and it proved narrowly close. For mayor, Mark Richmann got 61 votes and Jeremie Peterson collected 60. There were 5 write-ins, according to unofficial results.

Voters across Northeast Iowa made their call Tuesday, sorting favored candidates from also-rans in municipal elections across Northeast Iowa.

Races in many communities, however, featured no candidates or an insufficient number to fill vacancies. For instance in Stout -- population 227 -- no one signed up to be on the ballot for mayor or for three vacant council positions.

"The current mayor in Stout is Joe Rich. The City Council is made up of John Ross, Deanne Ross and Shirley Rogers," said Rhonda Deters, Grundy County auditor and commissioner of elections.

"No one submitted papers to be listed on the ballot for this election. The new mayor and council members will be decided by the write in votes at this election," Deters added.

Morrison and Wellsburg, also in Grundy County, both had similar situations. Each city needed a mayor and two council members, but neither town fielded any candidates for Tuesday's election.

In Stanley in Buchanan County, no names were on ballots for mayor or for five council positions.

On the other hand, the electoral cup overflowed in some towns.

Voters in Newhall in Benton County shifted through seven candidates vying for five seats at the council table. Jan Mattson, though, was the lone candidate to be Newhall's mayor.

The field was crowded as well in Clarksville. Four residents in that in Butler County community competed for the mayor's gavel, and six went after two council positions.

In Chickasaw County, voters in Nashua had two candidates for mayor, but eight people went after three council positions. And in Buchanan County, folks in Aurora could pick from eight names to fill five council seats.

Turnout was light in Bassett, a small town in Chickasaw County. The town's 65 residents cast just seven ballots -- and the top four council candidates each got seven votes. The council needs five people, however, so write-in Harvey Kaiser appears the likely winner with 4 votes.

Unofficial results follow:



Council: Rodney Haerther, 94, with 177 write-ins

Council, to fill vacancy: Nathan Shepard, 111, with 27 write-ins.

Belle Plaine

Mayor: David Fish, 140

Council, at-large: Mary Pech, 122

Council, District 2: 35 write-ins

Park board: 83 write-ins


Mayor: Rodney Kubichek, 31

Council (vote for two): Scott Metz, 29, and Nick Mokas, 31


Mayor: Allan Lindsey, 21

Council (vote for two): Doug Kearns, 25, and Marvin Trimble Jr., 31


Mayor: Michael Seeck, 34

Council (vote for two): Michael Kaiser, 36, and Richard Loy, 37


Mayor: John Brandt, 11

Council (vote for five): Kelly Kendall, 12; Lorin Potter, 11; Rick Rupp, 12; and Ryan Rupp, 7; with 16 write-ins

Mount Auburn

Mayor: 24 write-ins but names not avialable 

Council (vote for five): Justin Hendryx, 32; Marty Kramer, 32; Michelle Oldfather, 29; and Dean Vrba, 32; with 25 write-ins


Mayor: Jan Mattson, 117

Council (vote for five): Doug Boddicker, 107; Ruby Carolan, 90; Skyler Childers, 71; Gerald Gessner, 102; Mark Lnenicka, 54; Bill Much, 114; and Douglas Rinderknecht, 128


Mayor: Martin Schulte, 76; and Bruce Volz, 55

Council (vote for two): Jay Hahn, 76, and Loras Schulte, 100


Mayor: Danny Roehr, 144

Council (vote for two): David Galli, 46, and Tim Peters, 146, with 115 write-ins


Mayor: Duane Eldred, 87, and David Tuttle, 68

Council (vote for three): Jamie Duart, 106; Chandra Lamphier, 95; Mike Smith, 110; and Richard Wendel, 97

Van Horne

Mayor: Martin Junge, 62

Council (vote for two): Connie Donald, 61, and Henry Hoopes, 64


Mayor: Bud Maynard, 428, and John Watson, 466

Council, at-large: Tamara Stark, 754

Council, at-large, to fill vacancy: Ted Jessen, 264, and Brian Parr, 605

Council, District 2: Ronald Elwick, 103

Council, District 3, to fill vacancy: Zachary Parmater, 232

Council, District 4: Chris Bendull, 107, and Nathan Hesson, 116

Public measure A: To establish a municipal cable communications, Internet and television system -- yes, 793, and no, 104

Public measure B: To determine management and control of the system with Vinton Municipal Utilities board of trustees -- yes, 739, and no, 152


Mayor: Randy Bauer, 59

Council (vote for three): Jesse Bergmeier, 38; Todd Gibbs, 36; Michael Huber, 47; and Jeff Kane, 45



Mayor: Mark Richmann, 61, and Jeremie Peterson, 60, with 5 write-ins.


Mayor: write-in Neil Whitney, 41

Council, at-large (vote for two): Amber Johnson, 45, and Elaine Johnson, 53

Council, to fill vacancy: write-ins Duane Meihost, 7; Wesley Hicok, 3; Eugene Lampe, 2; Tamara Rosol, 6

Public measure: Franchise agreement with Iowa Regional Utilities Association, doing business as Central Iowa Water Association, granting 40-year franchise to build, operate and maintain a non-mandatory connection public water supply -- yes, 49; and no, 35


Mayor: Sandi Carroll, 44

Council, at-large (vote for two): Chris Robinson, 50; and write-ins James Mackay, 12; Travis Crew, 2; Tim West, 2; and Brian Dix, 3;


Mayor: Thomas Geise, 59

Council, at-large (vote for three): Jamie Downing, 33; David Lehman, 40; and Chad Shurtleff, 24; with 32 write-ins.

Public measure: To amend ordinances governing the library board of trustees -- yes, 57; and no, 4


Mayor: Dan Wedemeier, 116

Council, at-large (vote for three): Nicole Barnes, 137; Barry Forsch, 130; and Barry Wittenburg, 126


Mayor: David Meighan, 96, and Dave Waskow, 351

Council, at-large (vote for two): Linda Meier, 342, and write-ins Mary Burgart, 154; Morgan Bergman, 16; and Jackie Schlatter, 16

Park commissioner: write-in Jackie Schlatter, 171

Public measure: Authorizing a change in use of 1 percent local sales and services tax effective Feb. 1, 2016 -- yes, 290, and no, 68


Mayor: Brendt Bernard, 280, and Amanda Williams, 53

Council, at-large (vote for two): Dan Burkett, 248; Troy Kingsbury, 91; and Jordan Ladage, 299


Mayor: Charles Infelt, 1,285; and Duane Liddle, 506

2nd Ward: Bob Brunkhorst, 200; and Daniel McKenzie, 268

4th Ward (vote for one): Adam Hoffman, 94; Mike Sherer, 231; and Ed White, 58

At-large: Gerald Kapler, 698; and Edith Waldstein, 1,091

Hospital trustee (vote for three): Gloria Campbell, John Johnston and Susan Kosche Vallem



Mayor: Jean Kivell, 21

Council (vote for five): Dale Buckman, 27; Shelly Dawson, 25; Jody Gage, 23; Deborah Hundley, 22; Jerry Meyers, 24; Richard Rau, 23; Tammy Schweitzer, 31; and David Young, 43


Mayor: Guy Stacy, 47

Council (vote for three): Travis Cornwell, 37; Dennis Halligan, 38; and Patrick Lehman, 45


Mayor: Bill Cowell, 148

Council (vote for two): Tamara Erickson, 79; Ronald Miller, 80; and Ronald Woods, 122

Council, to fill a vacancy: Gregory Harter, 92, and Tina Robinson, 74


Mayor: Gerald VandeVorde, 78

Council (vote for two): Amy Ekstrand, 58; Christopher Hayzlett, 59; and Toy McAllister, 55


Council, at-large: Karen Connell, 274, and Robert Hill, 388

2nd Ward: Denny Vaughn, 110, and Dave Winger, 51

4th Ward: Dustin Dallenbach, 83, and Debra Hanna, 50


Mayor: David Bishop, 167, and Larry Thompson, 361

Council, at-large (vote for three): John Crawford, 176; Darren Engbretson, 145; Richard Mott, 436; Russ Solomon, 327; and Dawn Vogel, 380


Mayor: Eleanor McGraw Riley, 44

Council, at-large (vote for two): JoDee Devlin, 28, and Mary Ann Dozark, 38


Mayor: Chad Staton, 69

Council, at-large (vote for three): Terry Kress, 66; William Kress, 65; Shelia Payne, 74; and Tom Webb, 59


Mayor: Rita Knutson, 23; and Sue Orr Webster, 48

Council (vote for three): Kathy Hemsath, 66; Terri Janaszak, 64; and Lisa Parizek, 68



Council (vote for five):


Mayor: Gerald Dennie, 36

Council (vote for three):  Ann Myers, 34; Leland Sprague, 33; and Lee White, 35



Mayor: Jack Bolles

Council (vote for three): Claudia Bolles, Michael Olesen and Rita Olesen


Mayor: Scot Henrichs

Council (vote for three): James Blockhus, Janis Cramer, Jerry Platter and Dwight Poppen


Mayor: Jason Mehmen

Council (vote for two): Randall Hanson and Alan Meyer

Council, to fill a vacancy: Deb Jacobs



Council (vote for five): Joyce Fenneman, Curt Lewis, Dennis Palmer, Nancy Rieken, Shane Schipper, Kevin Snyder and Tim Winkowitsch


Mayor: Kai Brost, Todd Doty, Jason Havlik and Val Swinton

Council (vote for two): Roger Doty, Jeff Kolb, Amy Learn, Jessica Reints, Kenneth Smith and Milo Tvedt


Mayor: Edwin Mouw

Council (vote for three): Brenda Blohm Baldwin, Reid Menken and Chris Showalter


Mayor: James O'Brien

Council (vote for two): Benjamin Backer, Marilyn Folkers and Audrey Smith

New Hartford

Mayor: John Anderson

Council (vote for two): Gordon Ballhagen


Council (vote for three): Karen Anderson-Webber, Dan Bruns, Chad Buss, Klint Knock, Melodie McLean and Leon Thome

Council, to fill a vacancy: John Heffner and Harlan Schuck

Shell Rock

Mayor: Larry Young

Council (vote for three): Donald Bonzer, Mike Klinefelter, Rosalee Meyer and Edward Willert 


Alta Vista

Mayor: Everett Tenge, 31

council (vote for two): Amy Laures, 28, with 7 write-ins for Jim McAvoy


Mayor: James Ashley, 7

Council (vote for five): Sandra Idler, 7; Carol Johnson, 7; Laura Kaiser, 7; and Pamela Lore, 7; with 4 write-ins for Harvey Kaiser and 2 write-ins for Dale Tenge


Mayor: Shain Kroenecke, 172

Council (vote for two): Sheriton Dettmer,118; Jesse Njus, 59; Ralph Schultz, 95; and Dean Speicher, 138


Mayor: David Swenumson, 28

Council (vote for three): Derek Day, 28; Randy Taylor, 27; and Linus Voves, 25


Mayor: Mark Mueterthies, 42

Council (vote for three): John Izer, 39; Dale King, 32; and Jeremy Scheidel, 38


Mayor: Butch Betsinger, 81, and Angelina Dietz, 298

Council (vote for three): Zach Huffman, 157; Juanita Johnson, 134; Ryan Jung, 190; Kyle Lane, 178; Robert Mehmen, 119; James Mosley, 20: Brenda Roberts, 199; and April Smith, 166

New Hampton

Mayor: Duane Devine, 283

Council, at-large: Joe Denner, 172, and Debra Larsen, 155

Council, at-large: Jill Eike, 288

1st Ward: Cory McDonald, 70

2nd Ward: Scott Perkins, 59

3rd Ward: write-in Scott Carey, 34

4th Ward: Bruce Diiro, 82

Park and Rec Commission (vote for three: Perry Laures, 299; Steve Murray, 263; and Andrea Rochford, 273

North Washington

Mayor: David Geerts, 14

Council (vote for three): Jack Seelhammer, 14; Jason Tenge, 13; and Vincent Tenge, 14



Mayor: Donald Handel, 29

Council (vote for three): Gary Heaton, 32; Dustin Schott, 31; and Sherri Seedorff, 29


Mayor: James Matt, 104

Council (vote for two): Dina Taylor, 66; Randy Wiedenhoff, 61; and Troy Schott, 85


Council (vote for three): Ronald Hills, 104; Alex Poppenhagen, 100; and write-in Mike Baker, 62


Mayor: Andrew Wenthe, 133, and Daniel Boberg, 64

Council (vote for five): Curtis Larson, 103; Todd Sorensen, 108; Kris McGrane, 167; Tiffany Kragnes, 134; Patricia Nefzger, 130; and Rich Patrick, 155


Mayor: Donald Kelly, 39

Council (vote for two): Angela Weidemann, 40, and write-in Ben Menne, 19


Mayor: Dan Howard, 70

Council (vote for two): Jim Byerly, 47; Scott Baker, 57; and Darise Donat, 41


Mayor: Peggy Sherrets, 437

Council, at-large: Darin Christensen, 319, and Paul Ryan, 268

1st Ward: Matt Weber, 147

3rd Ward: Lou Ann Milks, 103


Mayor: Mark Amos, 13

Council (vote for three): Jeffrey Winkie, 14; Dean Teague, 13; and write-in Valerie Koch, 2

St. Lucas

Mayor: James Rausch, 39

Council (vote for five): Terry Costigan, 29; Susan Franzen, 41; Janet Kuennen, 34; David Anderson, 36; Kurt Huinker, 36; Wilma Meyer, 35; and Sam Schmitt, 30


Mayor: Jared Kent, 40

Council (vote for three): Richard Aeschliman, 35; Randall Weber, 36; and Cameron McDowell, 37


Mayor: David Klimesh, 46

Council (vote for five): Mark Schmitt, 39; Nicholas Lauer, 47; Kevin Kleve, 34; Faye Winter, 40; and write-in Sam Wenthold, 27


Mayor: Don Bushaw, 21, and Gene Rubendall, 35

Council (vote for three): Bruce Mueller, 38; Stuart Fuhs, 31; Debra Cowell, 35; and Eric Wolff, 48

West Union

Mayor: Kent Halverson, 145

Council, at-large: Kennon Gumm, 131

2nd Ward: Cam Granger, 40

3rd Ward: Andrew Smith, 51



Council: Brenda Heitmeyer, 18, and David Moorman, 19


Mayor: Jeff Martin, 40

Council (vote for three): Peg Brown, 38; Ryan Callaway, 40; and Todd Schnathorst, 38


Mayor: Michael Soppe, 81

Council: Luke Osterhaus, 74; Mike Camarata, 12; Sam Kollasch, 12; Dan Schmitz, 10; Josh Patton, 10; Jeff Jensen, 5; and Tawana Wienkes, 4

Grundy Center

Mayor: Brian Buhrow, 100

Council (vote for three): Mike Ammerman, 99; Alan Kiewiet, 101; and Janetta Miller-Buck, 91

Park board: write-in Corey Scott, 41


Mayor: Scott Borchardt, 37

Council (vote for three): write-in candidates Jerry Schoolman, 21; Dan Blythe, 18; Charles Kruse, 15; Jill Borchardt, 3; and Jim Beck, 2


Mayor: write-in David Hach, 32

Council (vote for two): write-ins Jeremy Wittgreve, 31, and Louis Hartke, 25


Mayor: Tim Johnson, 202, and write-in Ash Larsen, 178

Council (vote for two): Brian Bunz, 324; Angie Schwartz, 304; and write-ins Darren Hasselman, 36, and Michelle Knaack, 2

Council: Jaimie Eiffler, 312, and write-ins Darren Hasselman, 10, and Michelle Knaack, 7

Library board (vote for two): write-ins Kathy Etringer, 84, and Susan Messerly, 67


Mayor: write-in Joe Rich, 29

Council (vote for three): write-ins Barb Engle, 31; Jamie Odell, 26; and Deanne Ross, 25


Mayor: write-ins Camie Nederhoff, 57, and Jeff Rae, 11

Council (vote for two): write-ins Lance VanHeiden, 44; Steve Hippen, 41; and Rick Buseman, 29



Mayor: Mark Bohle, 399, and Troy Cleveland, 272

1st Ward: Corey Baldwin, 76, and Teresa McGee, 122

3rd Ward: Jan Carman, 188

At-large: David Brenno, 467, and John Loveless, 203


Mayor: Thomas Cray, 17

Council (vote for three): Jeanne Brockney, 13, and Chris Keller, 19, with 11 write-ins for William Reed


Mayor: Jerry Steven, 61

Council (vote for two): Terry Granahan, 68; Daniel Drahn, 15; and Emily Ptacek, 12

Council: Daniel Drahn, 45; and Emily Ptacek, 32

Lime Springs

Mayor: write-in Kevin Bill, 20, and write-in Chris Chilson, 10

Council: Brian Johnson, 70, and write-in Todd Mensink, 50


Mayor: Mike Lensing, 40

Council: James Panos, 38, and Adam Polashek, 44



Mayor: Eric Wilson, 27, and Julie Lindley, 17

Council (vote for five): Jerry Bublitz, 20; Ty Peterson, 28; Tom DeBower, 25; Tim Johnson, 25; and Arik Finch, 25


Mayor: Randy Butterfield, 9, and Tony Koenigs, 8

Council (vote for five): Mark Kramer, 16; Tad Tetzner, 13; Joe Koenigs, 9; Rick Derry, 7; and Randy Butterfield, 7


Council (vote for three): Tony Huebsch, 38; Randy Kamp, 43; and Vickie Ricketts, 24


Mayor: Kyle Hobbs, 7

Council (vote for two): Ron Muhlenbruck, 6; Mark McGivern, 3; Sarah Repp, 2; Aaron Martin, 2; and Kyle Popp, 1


Mayor: Steven Cooper, 86

1st Ward: Judy Voaklander, 32

2nd Ward: Rick Bodensteiner, 26

3rd Ward: Brian Adams, 12

Council, at-large: Kurt Elliott, 90

Council, at large, to fill a vacancy: Ross Grafft, 93

Park commissioner: John Michels, 94


Mayor: Dean Eastman, 98

Council (vote for two): Harold Jensen, 114; and Jordan Oulman, 110


Council (vote for three): Roger Hemann, 33; Amanda Adams, 30; and Robert Brumm, 37

St. Ansgar

Mayor: David Tollefson, 127

Council (vote for three): Michael Esdohr, 114; Paul Groth, 99; and Rose Krahenbuhl, 125; and William Squier, 75



Mayor: Craig Forcht, 25

Council (vote for five): Aaron Balvin, 24; Dixie Forcht, 27; and Steven VanDeWalle, 25


Mayor: Gordon Fassett, 52

Council (vote for five): Barbara Baseman, 21; Karen Guglielmetti, 49; Blake Pearson, 39; Linda Pearson, 52; Cathy Vest, 27; Krista Walker, 51; and DeAnn Weber, 32


Mayor: Pamela Thiele, 69

Council (vote for two): Stacey Dabney, 82, and Mary Wankowicz, 79


Mayor: Elmer Chalupsky, 16, and Timothy Miller, 19

Council (vote for two): Linn Snell, 12, and Bruce Swyter, 19


Mayor: Wilfred Karsjen, 66

Council (vote for three): Jane Jordebrek, 68; Tom Podhajsky, 52; and Leonard Untiedt, 54


Mayor: Keith Sash, 82

Council (vote for two): Scott Schmidt, 80, and Trudi Scott, 84


Mayor: Trent Wentzien, 23

Council (vote for five): Michelle Clark, 23; John Eilers, 26; Eric Moore, 19; and Vance Sebbert, 20


Mayor: Susan Eberhart, 10

Council, to fill a vacancy: Bill Eberhart, 18


Mayor: Dan Zimmerman, 146

Council (vote for three): Randy Fairchild, 17; Aaron Haughey, 109; John Jacoby, 30; Kenny McAdoo, 119; Brian Oliver, 78; and Robert Tyynismaa, 119


Mayor: David Svoboda, 144

2nd Ward: Joe Boll, 30

Council, at-large: Curt Raue, 54, and Steve Vesely, 150


Mayor: Peter Holden, 89

Council (vote for three): Carri Holst, 91; Dahn Kennedy, 84; and Raymond Murty, 86



Mayor: Keith Frana, 86

Council, at-large: Jeanie Kirkeberg, 56; Brian Ondrashek, 60; Linus Sabelka, 65


Mayor: Margaret Jones, 25

Council (vote for three): Larry Brockway, 26; Wayne Corlett, 29; Dennis Wilkins, 34


Council, at-large: Kirk Johnson, 866, and James McIntosh, 411

2nd Ward: Dan Bellrichard, 252

3rd Ward, to fill a vacancy: Andy Carlson, 303

4th Ward: write-ins Steve Luse, 27, and Bill Wagner, 7

Park and Rec board (vote for three): Kathy Bakken, 1,119; Richard Gaard, 1,039; and Jeff O'Gara, 995

Fort Atkinson

Mayor: Paul Herold, 62

Council (vote for three): Kevin Karnik, 5; Kay Schmitt, 58; Paul Schmitt, 65; David Schneiter, 48; and Lori Jo Schroeder, 44

Jackson Junction

Mayor: Mae Schmitt, 10

Council (vote for five): Ken Kriener, 11; Art Perry, 11; Lana Schmitt, 11; Richard Vrzak, 10; and Rodney Vrzak, 11


Mayor: write-ins Earl Meyer, 39, and Bill Green, 164

Council (vote for three): Daniel Langreck, 185; Troy Troge, 34; and write-ins Bryan Beckman, 132; Susan Lienau, 123; Janet Monroe, 81; and Ree Meyer, 25


Mayor: Paul Stevens, 9

Council (vote for three): Allyn Linderbaum, 9; Sue Schnur, 8; Rosemary Vopava, 9


Mayor: Michael Klimesh, 58

Council (vote for two): Darrell Schmitt, 56, and Renee Wagner, 55


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