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Lucas Brinkman

Lucas Brinkman, D.O.

NEW HAMPTON -- The Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors last week accepted resignation letters from the county’s chief medical examiner and a medical examiner investigator.

The board appoints the county medical examiner to a two-year term, starting about Jan. 1 and fills any vacancy for an unexpired term. The board may appoint any physician of the county who is licensed in Iowa who is a doctor of medicine, or osteopathy and surgery.

Lucas Brinkman, D.O., of the Fredericksburg Family Health Clinic, resigned as chief medical examiner. He said deputy medical examiners can function until a replacement can be found and offered to continue on as a deputy medical examiner as needed.

“I have found the current political climate in the county has made this job untenable,” Brinkman said. “The amount of stress and liability is not in line with the compensation.”

Jeremy McGrath,a medical examiner investigator, also resigned.

“The job … is certainly not easy, but I did it knowing I could hopefully provide some closure and comfort in a difficult time of a family’s life,” McGrath said.

“I am very passionate about caring for people, but I simply cannot take the harassment involved with this position any longer,” McGrath said calling it “unnecessary and unacceptable.”

He blamed an industry outside of the county government for the “harassment,” but wasn't more specific.

McGrath recommended having Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Bernatz as a possible replacement.

Officials plan to meet with the Mercy Hospital officials for future arrangements.

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