CEDAR FALLS — The construction of the Cedar Falls Public Safety building is moving forward. Once finished, it will house the headquarters for the Cedar Falls police and fire departments.

The building is expected to be finished in May.

“We’re probably a year out,” said Public Safety director Jeff Olson. “They’re moving along, but it’s still a ways out.”

The apparatus bays that will house fire trucks are up, and there will be an open area for firefighters to do rope rescue training, Olson said.

“There’ll be a gym in the basement,” Olson added.

The building is expected to be about 30,000 square feet.

The departments won’t have to transport much of their paperwork to the new space.

“We want move a little more into storing things electronically as opposed to paper,” Olson said. “So we limit the paper we have to move.”

A lot of the drawings of the new building can be found in the Cedar Falls police and fire stations.

“The guys like to look at them, ‘where are going to be and how does that work?’” Olson said. “I think most of them are pretty excited about it.”

The building will have more space for more fire trucks and equipment.

“In the past we’ve had to shift things around,” Olson said. “We were a little pinched for equipment storage.”

The fire stations at Lone Tree Road and at 1718 Main St. will remain open.

“The two that are open now are the two that we will continue to have,” Olson said.

The recent rainfall has affected construction.

“The basement has some water in it now,” Olson said. “It looks like it might be about to the level where the cement will be, so they’ll have to pump that out.”

The project is estimated to cost $10 million, according to the Cedar Falls Capital Improvements program.

The project is being financed without issuing general obligation bonds, which would have required voter approval.

“It’s being paid for by dollars that we have saved over the years,” Olson said. “There’s no tax increase to anybody.”

The construction is being done by Peters Construction of Waterloo.

The Cedar Falls City Council approved the project on Dec. 18.

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