A roundup of campaign news items of interest for Tuesday, August 13, 2019:

ASIAN-LATINO COALITION ENDORSES HARRIS: Kamala Harris’ Democratic presidential campaign has been endorsed by the Iowa Asian-Latino Coalition. The group endorsed Harris after meeting with more than a dozen candidates, a news release said.

“(Harris) has the strength and the personality to take on Donald Trump on the debate stage,” coalition chair Prakash Kopparapu said in a statement.

The coalition described itself as “a key organizing body in the Iowa caucuses.”

“Their mission and values of equality and justice are the same values I am fighting for in this campaign,” Harris, a U.S. Senator from California, said of the coalition in a statement. “We must ensure that all Iowans have a voice in this caucus, and I look forward to working together to make sure that happens.”

BUTTIGIEG UNVEILS PLAN FOR RURAL AMERICA: Funding for expanded broadband internet access, antitrust enforcement to reduce the number of factory farms, and funding for regional innovation clusters are all parts of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s plan for rural America.

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor’s plan also would fund farmers’ conservation practices.

“I grew up and live in a mid-size, Midwestern city surrounded by farms and fields, and I’ve seen an overlooked community lift itself up with determination and creativity,” Buttigieg said in a statement. “Just as my own hometown rose up to start a new chapter and meet the future with a fresh approach and new ideas, we can tackle this moment of urgency head on to create opportunity for rural Americans if we empower our communities rather than overlook them. This plan unleashes the potential of small towns across America with good jobs, an opportunity to grow a business, and the infrastructure to raise a healthy and happy family.”

Buttigieg’s plan, which he introduced the same day as his appearance at the Iowa State Fair, also calls for strict adherence to the federal ethanol mandate and reducing the number of small refinery waivers awarded to oil companies.

The broadband internet plan would use $80 billion to deliver high-speed internet to unserved and underserved communities, the campaign said.

WILLIAMSON OFFERS ‘DISABILITY JUSTICE’ PLAN: Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson would press Congress to require all health care insurers to cover home health care as part of her “Disability Justice Plan.”

Williamson, an author from Texas, also said she would work to ensure Americans with disabilities are fairly represented in her administration. She would also push for Social Security reform in order for working individuals with disabilities to continue receiving Social Security benefits, and consider disabled Americans when conducting foreign policy, among other items.

“Everyone deserves full human and civil rights protections, and all the accessibility and support they need to live and thrive,” the campaign said in a statement. “A Williamson Administration will work with disabled people and their families and caregivers to ensure that our country provide those with disabilities the respect they deserve as infinitely valuable and precious human beings.”

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