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Monarch tagging

A monarch tagged in Buchanan County in September.

HAZLETON — Fontana Interpretive Nature Center is offering free milkweed seeds from four species harvested within the county.

Seeds are best if scattered/planted now. Like many native plants, milkweed seeds need a period of cold stratification for best germination when the weather warms in spring.

Also free are meadow blazingstar seeds. Flowers on this plant bloom during the fall monarch migration and are irresistible to the butterflies.

In addition to these free seeds, seedling and milkweed planting guides are available free of charge.

Milkweed leaves are the only food that monarch larvae (caterpillars) eat and the number of stems has been greatly reduced in Iowa and surrounding states since the advent of herbicide tolerant crops.

Seeds are available while supplies last and are not available for shipping.

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