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WATERLOO — A Waterloo man has been detained on probation charges and his brother has been charged with attempting to support ISIS following a series of FBI raids.

The Waterloo resident, 37-year-old Wayne Johnathon Jones II, is only being held for allegedly absconding while on probation for a 2001 misdemeanor battery conviction out of Kenosha, Wis., according to jail officials and court records. He was taken into custody during a predawn raid at his Western Avenue apartment Wednesday.

He is currently in the Black Hawk County Jail and is being held without bond.

Officials at the FBI declined to comment on the Waterloo operation.

In a simultaneous raid in Illinois, Wayne Jones’ brother, 35-year-old Joseph D. “Yusuf Abdulahad” Jones, and his brother’s friend, Edward “Abdul Wali” Schimenti, 35, both of Zion, Ill., were taken into custody. Both are charged with conspiring to provide and attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, a terrorist organization.

The Illinois men allegedly gave cellphones to a person they believed was an ISIS devotee traveling to fight in Syria. The cellphones were to be used as detonators for improvised explosive devices. Joseph Jones told the man he hoped the phones could be used to kill many nonbelievers, court records state.

Joseph Jones and Schimenti also drove him to an airport to begin his journey overseas. Schimenti told him to “drench that land with they, they blood,” court records state.

The traveler, it turned out, wasn’t an ISIS follower going to Syria. He was a confidential informant working with the FBI.

According to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, Joseph Jones and Schimenti pledged their allegiance to ISIS and advocated on social media for violent extremism.

In one online posting, Joseph Jones bemoans his inability of find a good black Islamic State flag on eBay. “Nothing but filthy Shia and Iranian flags pop up,” he wrote, according to court records.

In the fall of 2015 the two met three people they believed were fellow ISIS followers, but two of the individuals were undercover FBI employees and the third was cooperating with law enforcement.

Over the next several months Joseph Jones and Schimenti met the undercover informants on numerous occasions, during which Joseph Jones and Schimenti discussed their devotion to ISIS and shared ISIS execution videos, the complaint states. Some of the meetings took place in Waukegan, Zion, Bridgeview, North Chicago, Highland Park and Chicago.

One of the undercover operatives eventually brought Joseph Jones an Islamic State flag and in April 2016, Joseph Jones allegedly shared photos of himself and Schimenti holding the flag in front of a sign reading “Welcome to Illinois Beach State Park, court records state.

Joseph Jones allegedly asked an undercover FBI agent to share the photo on his Google+ account with a caption reading “Support from dar ul fuffar,” meaning support from the land of the infidels.

During a later recorded conversation with the cooperating source, Schimenti commented he would like to see the ISIS flag “on top of the White House,” according to court records.

In February and March 2017, Schimenti worked out with the cooperating source at a gym in Zion, the complaint states. Schimenti believed the man intended to travel overseas to fight for ISIS, and Schimenti commented the exercises would “make you good, you know, in the battlefield,” according to the complaint.

At one point in the sting operation, Schimenti allegedly made comments about the Great Lakes Naval Station in the Chicago area, and investigators believed he was considering it as a target. At another point, the complaint refers to comments Schimenti made about being angry at a gay coworker.

“Sharia [Islamic Law] comes here, we are putting you [homosexuals] on top of Sears Tower and we drop you,” Schimenti said, according to the complaint.

Last month the pair furnished several cellular phones to the cooperating source, believing they would be used to detonate explosive devices in ISIS attacks, the complaint states. On April 7, Joseph Jones and Schimenti drove the cooperating source to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago with the understanding he would travel to Syria to fight with ISIS, the complaint states.


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