An AR-15 rifle recovered by police in a traffic stop following a July 2018 shooting in Waterloo.

WATERLOO – A Black Hawk County jury found a Waterloo man guilty of most charges in a 2018 shooting that injured a 73-year-old man.

Charles David Brown, 28, stood quietly Monday afternoon as a judge read the verdict convicting him of intimidation with a weapon, willful injury causing serious injury, felon in possession of a firearm and interference while armed with a firearm.

Jurors acquitted Brown of going armed with intent and carrying weapons.

Sentencing will be at a later date, and Brown faces additional prison time because of prior convictions for firearm charges.

Assistant Black Hawk County Attorney Brad Walz said one of at least 16 rounds from an AR-15 rifle struck Willie Outlaw’s left leg on the night of July 7, shattering his femur and leaving him with a lifelong wound.

As the case was handed to jurors Monday following four days of testimony, defense attorney Nichole Watt argued Brown was drunk at a female friend’s home when his acquaintances went to Outlaw’s for the shooting. She said the villain in the case is guilt by association.

Witnesses said Brown had been driving around with a group of people in a Mercury Mountaineer and had exchanged words with people outside Outlaw’s Crescent Place home that afternoon. Walz said Brown had asked others at the address about an earlier shooting, and the Mountaineer pulled away.

Then, around 10 p.m., gunfire erupted, sending stray bullets about a block away to where police officers parked on Park Road could hear the projectiles skipping off the cement near them, according to testimony at trial.

Another patrol officer on Broadway Street spotted the Mountaineer pulling onto Broadway Street without its headlights on. After a short chase, the SUV stopped and its occupants bolted. The officer said he saw Brown holding a rifle as he exited.

The gunman disappeared, but police found the gun — a black and chrome AR-15 with the barrel still hot — which was linked to the Crescent Place shooting through ballistics, according to testimony.

Police also found a paper that fell from the Mountaineer during the stop. It was a Western Union receipt in Brown’s name.

“When you look at all of the evidence, it points to one thing,” Walz said.

The officer from the stop said he recognized Brown from Snapchat, where Brown went by the name Chuck Major.

Watt said authorities and witnesses expected to see Brown with others in the vehicle at the time of the shooting because he had been with them earlier in the day. She questioned Outlaw’s identification of Brown as the shooter because it didn’t come until months later, after news of the arrest had already been in The Courier.

Phone records in the case cut both ways.

The state said the call logs had been deleted from Brown’s phone but were recovered and showed he had calls with a female friend during the time span in which he claimed he was at her home.

The defense said those same logs showed he was phoning his other friends at the time police allege they were together in the Mountaineer.

More telling was a video police found of Brown and others drinking and singing as they sat in a vehicle with the same interior as the Mountaineer. The video, from the day of the shooting, showed Brown wearing a cap and jersey that were found inside the vehicle.

Two others arrested in the case — 18-year-old Paris Wilder and Marquez Alexander Martin, 26 — pleaded to willful injury and intimidation with a weapon. Wilder was granted probation with placement at a residential correctional facility, and Martin was sentenced to prison.

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