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Pat Treloar

Pat Treloar, fire chief for the City of Waterloo, stands in front of the new 304 fire engine Feb. 3, 2016, in Waterloo.

WATERLOO – The city’s fire protection system has earned high ratings from insurance industry officials during a recent review.

The Insurance Services Office, an agency that issues statistical analysis, gave the City of Waterloo a rating of 2. The rating is on a scale of 1 through 10 with 1 being the best.

“We are pretty pumped about it,” said Chief Pat Treloar with Waterloo Fire Rescue, which also provides fire protection to the Elk Run Heights community.

The numbers can be used to calculate the cost of property insurance. The last time the city was reviewed, in 2012, the city received a 3.

Only 1,324 of more than 43,500 municipal fire protection areas in the country attained the 2 rating in 2018. According to the ISO documents, 5 is the most common rating. Only 241 communities were rated 1.

“These are the kinds of results we can expect when we work together for the common good of residents and the betterment of community,” said Mayor Quentin Hart.

Waterloo’s review took place in December.

ISO inspectors look at three areas when coming up in the numbers, Treloar said. Dispatch communications is 10 percent of the score, the city’s Water Works — which is responsible for supplying and testing hydrants — makes up 20 percent, and the largest portion is the fire department at 50 percent. The fire department section considers equipment, staffing, training, geographic locations, and risk reduction.

“It’s a validation of our operations, our equipment, the way we train,” Treloar said. “It looks at the big picture of fire and water and dispatch, and that’s what you really need to protect the infrastructure in the community.”

“Water volume, water quality and affordability are the three legs of the Water Works’ mission statement that we endeavor to provide to our customers,” said Waterloo Water Works Director Matt Mahler. “While we regularly communicate the benefits of our high quality water, and its affordability relative to other communities, the results of this ISO evaluation reinforce the strength and flexibility of our system.”

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