WATERLOO – Testimony finished Friday in the case of three people charged in a July 2016 shooting that killed a Waterloo man and injured two others.

Attorneys for Shavondes Martin, 22, Armand Rollins, 18, and Doncorrion Spates, 17, rested their cases without calling any witnesses.

Assistant Black Hawk County Attorney James Katcher said the three were passengers in a Chevrolet Tahoe that opened fire on a group of people standing in front of 817 Logan Ave. on July 17, 2016. Otavious Brown, 21, was shot once the back and later died. Dewon Campbell Jr. was shot in his left side, and Aundrey Roberts Jr. was shot in the heel.

The Tahoe’s driver, Jacques Williamson, earlier testified he took the three to Prime Mart on Broadway Street and they were returning when they forced him at gunpoint to drive past the Logan Avenue house. He said Martin was riding in the front seat and leaned over to fire past him and out the driver’s window. Williamson, who denied shooting, said there was also gunfire from his back seat where Spates and Rollins were seated.

The defense has been attacking Williamson’s credibility, noting he has given different accounts and avoided murder charges by agreeing to testify as part of plea deal after he was arrested.

The state’s final witness, Investigator Nicholas Sadd with the Waterloo Police Department, said after Williamson was arrested he admitted to driving the Tahoe and identified his passengers. Before he was arrested, Williamson had claimed his Tahoe had been stolen when he parked at a Logan Avenue store moments before the shooting, an account that didn’t bear out when police reviewed the store’s surveillance camera.

Witnesses at the scene weren’t able to identify the attackers, but investigators corroborated the three were in the Tahoe through videos outside the 500 block of Elm Street, where they first left with Williamson, and at Prime Mart, the last stop before the shooting. Police also found a soda can with Martin’s DNA in the Tahoe and Rollin’s palm print on the vehicle’s door. A 2-liter bottle of soda purchased at Prime Mart also was found under a seat in the Tahoe.

The shooting itself wasn’t captured on video, but a camera at the Logan Avenue store a block to the south shows the Tahoe passing seconds before the gunfire, and a camera at the Logan and Conger street intersection north of the scene shows the Tahoe passing seconds after the gunfire.

Closing arguments in the case are scheduled for Monday in Black Hawk County District Court.

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