Doncorrion Spates, center, during trial on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018.

WATERLOO – A Waterloo teen who was convicted in a 2016 shooting is asking the court for a new trial.

Attorneys for Doncorrion Spates said the jury’s verdict, which found Spates guilty of first-degree murder and attempted murder while acquitting two co-defendants, is at odds with evidence in the case.

Authorities said people began firing from a vehicle as it passed a Logan Avenue home in July 2016, killing 21-year-old Otavious Brown and injuring two others.

Prosecutors said Spates was a backseat passenger, and other arrested included Shavondes Martin and Armand Rollins. The driver, Jacques Williamson, entered a plea agreement for a lesser charge in exchange for testifying for the state.

Williamson claimed he was forced to drive to the address, and he said Martin fired from the front passenger seat, and he said he heard gunfire from the back seat where Spates and Rollins were located.

The jury acquitted Rollins and Martin and convicted Spates during a February 2018 trial.

Defense attorney John Bishop said jurors didn’t find Williamson a credible witness because they didn’t convict the co-defendants.

“Since the jury did not convict Martin and Rollins, they must have found that Williamson was not a credible witness,” Bishop wrote in his motion for a new trial. He wrote they jury knew someone fired from the back of the vehicle, but there wasn’t any substantial evidence of who did it.

A hearing on the motion has been scheduled for April.

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