WATERLOO – A clerk from a Waterloo convenience store lashed out at the man convicted of beating her unconscious and sexually assaulting her during a 2018 robbery.

“You are a sick person, very sick person, with all your charges. … You are a menace to society in my opinion, and honestly I believe you deserve life in prison for what you did to me and the other girls, and I think you should pay all of us restitution,” the woman, who endured a brain bleed, skull fractures and other injuries, told Jamar Ronod Wise on Monday as Wise was sentenced to more than five decades in prison.

UPDATE: Jamar Wise found guilty of most charges in string of robberies

Authorities said Wise, now 26, was behind a string of convenience store holdups in January and February 2018. But the crimes didn’t stop with just grabbing money. He was accused of targeting businesses operated by lone female employees that he brutalized during the brief but violent encounters.

In addition to sexually assaulting with his hand the clerk he knocked unconscious, he was convicted of striking a female worker at another store, bending her over and trying to pull down her pants before he was apparently scared off, and of grabbing another woman by the hair and neck in another holdup.

“This wasn’t just a robbery. ... You beat a woman for no reason, and after she’s unconscious, you sexually assaulted her,” said Judge Linda Fangman, who sentenced Wise to 54 years in prison with a mandatory 34 years before he can be considered for parole.

“You didn’t need to sexually assault the unconscious woman to get away with the robbery,” Fangman said.

Assistant County Attorney Elizabeth O’Donnell, who prosecuted Wise during a June jury trial, had asked for consecutive sentences for robbery, ongoing criminal conduct, sexual abuse and assault charges that would have totaled up to 79 years.

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“He chose specific times when he knew there would be one female clerk alone in the store. … He chose these times, these people for a reason. He chose them because they were women, because no one else was in the store at those times, and he knew he would be able to hurt them,” O’Donnell said.

Police: Suspected robber had circled other stores

Defense attorney Melissa Anderson-Seeber had requested running all of the sentences concurrently for a total of 25 years.

Fangman ran the prison stints consecutively with the exception of 25 years for the ongoing criminal conduct charge because it was intertwined with the other charges. She also ordered the time be added to an earlier robbery case that Wise was on parole for when he pulled the 2018 crimes.

Prosecutors said Wise robbed the B&B East store on Bishop Avenue, Prime Mart on Broadway Street, Neighborhood Mart on Lafayette Street and Metro Mart on Falls Avenue. He was arrested after police, tracking his movements with a GPS device, confronted him when he showed up at the YesWay store on San Marnan Drive wearing a mask.

Jurors convicted him off all of the crimes with the exception of the Metro Mart.

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