David Edward Williams

David Edward Williams: 

NE Iowa man sentenced to life in prison for sex abuse

Rudd man convicted of sex abuse, faces life

NEW HAMPTON -- A Rudd man has been sentenced to life behind bars plus 30 years for sexually abusing a girl.

Judge Richard Stochl imposed the mandatory life in prison without parole for first-degree sexual abuse for 57-year-old David Edward Williams on Tuesday in Chickasaw County District Court. The judge ordered the life sentence to run consecutive to 25 years in prison for third-degree sexual abuse and five years for other charges.

Prosecutors sought sentencing enhancements because Williams has a prior conviction for indecent exposure in Webster County from 2002.

Williams' defense attorney had asked for a new trial, alleging testimony had included a witness who improperly vouched for the victim's account. Stochl dismissed the defense motion.

Authorities said Williams sexually abused the girl in 2015 and 2016, and he was arrested in 2017. A jury found him guilty in April 2019 following trial.

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