WATERLOO – A sex offender who fled a halfway house is back in custody.

Authorities allege that while Chad James Wolf was on the lam for more than two months, he passed counterfeit checks on the account of the Department of Correctional Services, which runs the halfway house.

Waterloo police arrested Wolf, 36, of Waterloo, on Wednesday for violating his probation and for new charges of forgery and failing to register his whereabouts with authorities while he was on the run.

According to court records, Wolf had been serving sentence for a 2013 incident where he claimed a Lincoln Street home where he didn’t live as his address on the sex offender registry. While serving his time at the Waterloo Residential Facility, he allegedly checked out on a furlough on Oct. 28 to go to the store but instead visited the Isle Casino Hotel and a restaurant.

Then on Oct. 31, he left on another furlough and allegedly cut off his GPS tracking device in the area of Newton Street and disappeared.

In November, he allegedly cashed three counterfeit checks totaling $530 on the Department of Correctional Services account.