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WATERLOO – A Dubuque woman said she came with a suggestion when a longtime acquaintance was looking for someone to rob in April 2016.

“He said he needed to catch a stain,” Corby Yager said, refering to a robbery that Eric Dewayne Campbell wanted to pull. Yager, 21, said she was the one who told Campbell, 32, about Collin Brown because Brown sold marijuana and cocaine.

Prosecutors said the robbery went bad. Campbell’s alleged accomplice, Tacari “Carl” Minifee, opened fire when Brown fled from his Key West mobile home and tried to reach a neighbor’s home. One bullet struck and killed Brown, 21.

Testimony in Campbell’s murder and robbery began Wednesday in Black Hawk County District Court in Waterloo, where the proceedings were moved on a change of venue because of pre-trial publicity in Dubuque County, where the crime occurred. An earlier trial for Campbell in December ended in a mistrial.

Yager said she told Campbell he shouldn’t include Minifee in the robbery plot because Minifee was a “hot head.”

After the shooting, Yager, who initially showed Campbell where Brown lived but didn’t take part in the robbery, said Campbell called him and was frantic. She said he told her everything went wrong and detailed how the crime unfolded. Campbell said he did the talking during the heist because his voice was less distinctive than the others. He said Brown’s girlfriend tossed her purse at them when they burst into the mobile home. The purse contained $30.

“I said ‘you shot a man over $30,’” Yager testified.

She said Campbell told her to leave town because of what she knew, and he later suggested she get rid of her phone when he realized the police investigation was closing in. Yager was later arrested in connection with the case, and she entered a plea agreement that reduced a robbery charge to a conspiracy charge with probation.

Assistant Attorney General Douglas Hammerand, who is prosecuting the case, said while Campbell didn’t plan to kill Brown and didn’t fire the shot, he should be convicted of murder because he is the one who started the situation.

“He’s the one who came up with the idea to commit a robbery. He’s the one that planned the robbery. He’s the one that cased out the robbery. He’s the one that participated in the robbery, and during this robbery Collin Brown was shot and killed,” Hammerand said.

Minifee and Imere Hall, who carried out the robbery, were convicted of murder and robbery in trials last year and sentenced to prison. Taylor Shaw, who allegedly drove the three to the mobile home park, is awaiting trial.


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