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WATERLOO — Prosecutors said three males were involved in the rape of two 15-year-old girls in the basement of a Waterloo home in 2012.

“The sad math is that this 15-year-old walked out of that basement having sex with four men. And that 15-year-old walked out of that basement having sex with three men,” Black Hawk County Attorney Brian Williams said Friday as testimony started in the trial of Deantay Darelle Williams, Taevon Washington and Cordarrel Smith.

The three are charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse and have pleaded not guilty. A fourth person charged in the incident, Eric Webster, earlier pleaded to a reduced charge.

Attorneys for Washington and Deantay Williams, who were ages 18 and 17 respectively at the time of the incident, said the sex was consensual.

Smith’s attorneys said he didn’t have any sexual contact with the girls. He was 24 at the time.

Brian Williams told jurors one of the girls had just turned 15, and they went to a party with drinking going on June 10, 2012, and then out for fast food before ending up at Smith’s home at 308 Adams St.

Brian Williams said the girls were raped on uncovered mattresses on the basement floor. One of the girls left the house and notified police, who went to the home.

“They made forcible entry to the residence, and they find (one of the girls) in the basement curled up, holding her legs, frightened and alone,” Brian Williams said.

Lab tests found seminal fluids on both girls’ underwear, and one teen had DNA that was consistent with Deantay Williams on her underwear, Brian Williams said. DNA consistent with Deantay Williams, Washington and one of the girls was found on several of the condoms found at the scene, he said.

Defense attorney Cory Goldensoph, who is representing Deantay Williams with the help of attorney James Metcalf, said the girls gave inconsistent, evolving and conflicting accounts of what happened.

“These are major inconsistencies,” Goldensoph said.

Ryan Tang, who is representing Washington with the help of attorney John Bishop, said prosecutors were getting different accounts of the incident and “cherry picking” the facts to build a case.

“The bottom line is this: If you have two stories that are not both possible to be true, at least one of them can’t be true,” Tang said.

Tang said his client had consensual sex with one of the girls and then started with the second girl but stopped when she told him to stop.

Tang also breached the issue of race, noting all defendants are African-American, saying police who heard the allegations acted in a manner one would expect given the identity of the defendants.

“Would this have taken place the same way if these defendants were not African-American?” Tang said. “All white lawyers, all white defense lawyers, all white prosecutors. White judge. We are going to hear from a lot of Waterloo police officers. How many of those officers do you expect that come in are going to be black. How many black Waterloo police officers are there?”

Defense attorney Brian Johnson, who is representing Smith with the assistance of attorney Andrew Wiezorek, noted when police raided the house, they found Smith in bed upstairs with his girlfriend. Smith’s DNA wasn’t found on any of the evidence investigators collected, Johnson said.

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