WATERLOO — The Courier is one of many newspapers around the country that suddenly dropped the popular comic strip “Non Sequitur” over a profane message about President Donald Trump drawn into one of its panels over the weekend.

Editor Nancy Newhoff, in conjunction with Publisher Roy Biondi, made the decision to replace the comic strip Tuesday morning after news broke Monday about a vulgar message that made it through all newspapers on Sunday.

The comic strip by cartoonist Wiley Miller appeared in the Sunday comics and encouraged readers to color in its panels. The profane message appeared in the bottom right of the comic’s second panel. No one noticed the barely legible message, but a reader at a Pennsylvania newspaper spied it and complained.

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Miller and his syndicate Andrews McMeel Syndication both issued apologies Monday. Miller said the comment, written in small print saying “Go f—- yourself Trump” was not meant for public consumption, but he forgot to remove it. Andrews McMeel said it missed the comment in its editing process. “If we had discovered it, we would not have distributed the cartoon without it being removed. We apologize to Non Sequitur’s clients and readers for our oversight.”

Newhoff said the offense was too much to overlook. “Had this been an employee of mine, they would have been fired for such an offense. I can’t look past the trust that was broken by allowing this comment to get to print,” she said.

The Courier has replaced “Non Sequitur” with “Macanudo.” Macanudo is an Argentine daily comic strip by cartoonist Liniers. It has been called a whimsical, optimistic comic strip about book-loving Henrietta who enjoys deep conversations with her teddy bear, Mandebaum.

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