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CEDAR FALLS — Cedar Falls Police Officer Jovan Creighton this week was honored with the Cedar Falls Police Officer of the Year Award.

Back on duty a short time later, he had to use his Taser.

“After the awards ceremony I got dispatched out to a suspicious call,” Creighton said. “The reporting party just told dispatch that some random guy was acting really bizarre and was trying to get into several vehicles.”

So Creighton finished shaking hands at the ceremony and responded. The reporting party waved him down and directed him to the individual.

“So I tried to stop him and he didn’t stop,” Creighton said. The Taser was used to bring the individual into custody a few blocks away.

According to his award, Creighton is an officer who doesn’t let grass grow under his feet.

Creighton has been a police officer in Cedar Falls since 2013. He grew up in Waterloo and Cedar Falls and attended Iowa State University. After school, Creighton worked for the Ames Police Department as a community safety officer and at Woodard Academy as a juvenile detention officer.

Public service has always interested him. In high school he knew that’s what he wanted to do.

“I took a criminal justice class while I was in high school and I really enjoyed it,” Creighton said.

Creighton gets involved with his community, waves at kids when he drives by and enjoys meeting people around the community.

“I actually talked to people from Ireland two weeks ago,” Creighton said.

Creighton was picked by his supervisors for the award and given the award Monday by Mayor Jim Brown and Police Chief Jeff Olson.

“The citizens of Cedar Falls for the most part are really awesome,” Creighton said. “They’ll come up to you and try to buy you food and stuff.”

Creighton said he appreciated how the people of Cedar Falls support the police department.

“It’s really nice, with all the stuff going on around the world people are not big fans of the police departments, to have that support of citizens is really awesome,” Creighton said. “I’d say that we probably have the best police department around; everyone here is really professional from the top down.”

Other police officers who received awards are: Lt. Kelli Yates, R.J. Voss Award for Management Excellence; Reserve Officer Matt Buck, Conger Reserve Officer of the Year; Lt. Dan Brown, Award of Excellence; Officer Mike Haislet, Award of Excellence; Officer Kari Rea, Award of Excellence; Officer Brian Johannsen, Award of Excellence; and Officer Mike Marcotte, Award of Excellence.

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