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Anthony Haugebak

Anthony Haugebak

CLIVE — A big lottery win led to a sleepless night for a Cedar Falls man.

Anthony Haugebak won a $30,000 top prize in the Iowa Lottery’s “Bonus Crossword” scratch game. It was the 85th of 114 top prizes available in the game.

“I couldn’t really sleep last night because I kept waking up just to check it to make sure,” Haugebak told officials Aug. 31 as he claimed his prize at the lottery’s regional office in Cedar Rapids. “Every time I checked, yep — all the letters were there.”

Haugebak, who works at PPG in Cedar Falls, gave a co-worker a ride home after their work shifts ended at midnight. On the way, they stopped at Kwik Star, 7500 Nordic Drive in Cedar Falls. Haugebak picked up a drink and two scratch tickets.

He said he scratched off all the letters on one ticket, then began checking for completed words. He knew quickly he was on to something good, one match after another.

“It got up to $3,000 and I was like, ‘Wow! Yes!’” he recalled. “I sat there thinking about it for a little bit, looking a little harder and it was like, ‘There’s another word!’ There were 10 words and $30,000.”

He double-checked his ticket to make sure.

“I looked all through again to make sure all those words were on there,” Haugebak said. “Then I signed the ticket, went home and waited for morning.”

Haugebak said he will save most of his winnings in the bank, but planned to pick up a couple discs to try out a nearby disc golf course.

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