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Puppy mill 16

An ASCPA worker removes two Samoyed puppies from a puppy mill near Manly on Monday.

MANLY— The Worth County Sheriff's Office is asking for patience among those interested in adopting one of the 160 dogs seized from a puppy mill Monday in Worth County.

“We received many inquiries from people expressing interest in adopting these animals, and we ask for their patience as these animals are considered evidence in an active case,” Sheriff Dan Fank said in a press release. “Charges are still pending, and we will provide an update as we continue our investigation.”

On Monday, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals removed animals from "an inhumane commercial breeding facility" near the Iowa-Minnesota border.

The Samoyed breed dogs were moved to an undisclosed temporary shelter where they are receiving ongoing care and treatment until custody is determined by the court.

Many of the dogs were found living in overcrowded conditions in below-freezing temperatures and exhibited signs of neglect.

The investigation was set into motion by the sheriff’s office several months ago when local animal welfare groups became aware of the breeder’s inability to properly care for her animals and asked local authorities to investigate, according to the ASPCA. Animal neglect charges are pending based on evidence collected by ASPCA experts in support of the investigation.

Over the next few days, ASPCA veterinary and behavior experts will be conduct medical exams to assess each individual animal, as well as implement behavior enrichment protocols such as providing socialization, treats and toys.

“Our priority is to get these animals much-needed medical care and treatment and continue to support the Worth County Sheriff’s Office with their case,” said Tim Rickey, vice president of ASPCA Field Investigations and Response, in a press release. “We appreciate the overwhelming support from the public and plan to help the sheriff’s office seek suitable placement options once disposition is determined and give animal lovers an opportunity to give these animals loving homes.”

The following agencies are supporting the ASPCA in the field and with its sheltering operation: Animal Rescue League of Iowa; Companion Animal Practices North America; Dubuque Regional Humane Society; Humane Society of North Iowa; Humane Society of Scott County; Nebraska Humane Society; Veterinary Centers of America; and Wichita Animal Action League.

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