InsideGov looked at the past year’s worth of CNN/ORC polling to gauge how America might come to remember President Barack Obama. Specifically, we tracked 14 surveys from December 2014 to January 2016, calculating the extent to which Americans approved or disapproved of the commander in chief across key issues like the economy, health care and terrorism.

The list is grouped into nine overall categories: foreign affairs, terrorism, Iran, ISIS, climate change, the economy, health care, gun policy, and overall job performance. We'll start with the least negative category (climate change), then count down to the most negative of all. For some categories, we'll also explore a series of more specific polls to draw out the details of the issue.

Further notes: Each CNN/ORC poll surveyed at least 1,000 American adults, then weighted the results to reflect the general U.S. population. For some questions, we combined responses like “somewhat likely” and “very likely” to represent one overall “likely” response.

Each visualization contains a link directly to a PDF containing the raw data for the corresponding poll.


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