Motion Tattooing Is The Coolest New Trend You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

Just like clothing, tattoos have their own trends that come and go. Here’s a new one for the ink-lovers in your life: motion tattooing.

Hungarian tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi used the technique to create a full tattoo-art project: “A Life of a Rose.” In it, he recruited fellow Hungarians to have a small image of a rose placed somewhere on their body. Most chose the inside of their forearm, from the looks of it.

Each image is a “frame” of a rose’s life cycle, from seedling to full bloom to wilting and dying. When photos of the tattoos are arranged in sequence, they create a little animation. See for yourself in the artist’s Instagram video:

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“I wanted the story to evolve around a rose because it is such a beautiful symbol and metaphor of love,” Bercsenyi told BuzzFeed. “The rose is a perfect example of how we should live our lives, to bloom and give our gift away.”

The artist only needed 70 people to get inked, but he ended up with a list of 600 eager participants. The folks selected to join were chosen randomly.

“The project culminated with a gathering where the majority of the group was able to meet each other,” said Bercsenyi. “We created a sense of oneness, and that is the energy we need to spread.”

He posted a photo of everyone who participated in the project:

If you can’t round up dozens of people for a motion tattoo creation, Inked Magazine predicted 2019’s tattoo trends late last year. Their top-ten list includes cutting-edge styles like “x-ray” and “sticker” tattoos, plus elaborate ear work (yee-ouch!).

The magazine also boldly suggests that barbed wire tattoos — a favored style of ’90s tough-dudes and dudettes — will be coming back this year. Country music’s Blake Shelton has a couple of strands around his forearm, and hip-hop star Post Malone sports barbed wire in at least three places (one of which is his forehead):

post malone photo
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So if you regret that length of wire you got around your ankle in 1997, maybe hold off on the laser for a bit. Even tattoo fashion is cyclical.

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