Color is trending — pops of gorgeous color are popping up everywhere.

You can easily transform any space in your home (or outdoors!) into an artistic masterpiece using the old-age drawing techniques you learned in grade school.

This is how we transformed an 18 by 40-foot exterior building wall with a mural. Your project may not on such a grand scale, but these techniques can be used on any size project from small to big. Think about a wall or floor in your home, your porch or deck, even a project at work or at home. The scale is totally up to you.

Here’s what you’ll need for supplies: Scratch paper, a pencil, ruler, colored pencils, exterior/interior paint (whichever applies) and brushes (large and small). We highly suggest Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. You’ll be amazed how well it weathers.

These are the steps to follow:

1. Begin by drawing a design, or print the design you’ve found onto graph paper. If printing, it’s easiest to work with just an outline of the design (not filled in). This way you can use your colored pencils or paint to select the colors you want.

2. Take your design to a local copy shop to make an enlarged print. Depending on the size of the end product, the larger the better. Have them make two copies.

3. Take one of the copies and color it in using the paint you plan to use on the end product. For this step you will want to use small detail brushes. Once finished you will use this colored-in copy as your guide while you paint on the end product surface (i.e., deck floor).

4. Draw a grid across the enlarged print similar to graph paper. You will use these markings to transfer the design on to the final surface.

5. Next, create a graph paper grid on the surface you plan to paint using a straight edge and pencil. Use light marks so it’s easily removed when finished drawing.

6. Using the grid method, transfer your design on to your final surface. Match the squares from your printed design to the squares on the final surface drawing the design in pencil as you go. Step back from project every now and then to make sure you are on the right track.

7. Once the design is finished on the final surface, paint it to match your smaller version.

8. Enjoy for years to come!


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