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Now that it is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, it is time to start preparing your garden for winter. Here are five things you can do to get your garden ready for winter.

While houseplants have the ability to bring life to a room and purify the air while doing it, a drawback is that many houseplants are toxic to animals. Here are 10 plants that add beauty to your home without worry.

While the original Lunchables might not be the healthiest option in the world, this dietitian approved adult Lunchable from @chicago.dietitian is packed with fresh produce, protein, and healthy fats. It takes just minutes to assemble.

If you loved turning your Lunchables crackers into mini-sandwiches try this low-carb version from @the.amandasmith. She swaps crackers for cucumber, but the fillings are similar to the original.

Still not sure what to pack in your adult Lunchables? TikTok creator breaks down each component you need for a satiating snack box so you can mix and match your favorite ingredients.

Packing a lunch for work rather than grabbing takeout is one of the best ways to save $10 or more a day, but if you have a busy schedule you might not have time to do a ton of meal prep. That’s where the adult Lunchables comes in. These TikTok creators show you how to recreate your childhood…

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