10 frequently overlooked places that need cleaning

10 frequently overlooked places that need cleaning

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Registers on the ceiling and the floor are just some of the forgotten places in the home that need a good cleaning.

As much as we try to keep up with basic dusting, vacuuming and cleaning, we're simply going to miss some areas. There are some places in your home you may not have even thought to clean. Attention to these often-neglected areas can make your home feel cleaner, and you might even breathe easier afterwards.


From lighting in the kitchen that collects dirt and grease that turns into a sticky goo to living room lampshades that are furry with dust, all lighting needs cleaning. Wash glass shades in hot soapy water and let dry. Vacuum lamp shades with a soft brush attachment.

Air vents and returns

Registers on the ceiling and the floor need a good vacuum. Remove vents then vacuum and wipe down thoroughly. Be sure to wipe the inside of the vents before reinstalling. Don't forget air returns. These are often notoriously dusty and benefit from a good, hard spray of a hose to remove dust in crevices.

Garbage cans

Yes, it's where you put your refuse but regular cleaning will help your house smell fresher and make a trip to deposit trash less odious. Wash indoor and outdoor cans with soap and water. Let soak to remove caked-on grime.

Cabinet interiors

You may have put down shelf liner years ago, but have you cleaned the inside of your cabinets lately? Remove dishes and vacuum out cabinets to remove crumbs, dust and debris. Some non-adhesive vinyl shelf liner can go in the washer. Consider replacing shelf liner with a washable variety so when maple syrup spills, the liner can be tossed in the wash.

Window and door tops

We rarely come in contact with these areas, but they can become notoriously dusty. When dusting, make a quick run over door and window tops.


Your headboard could be harboring dust that makes your nose stuff or congested when you go to sleep at night. Dust and vacuum the entire headboard and the floor behind it to remove excess dust.

Ice dispenser

Dripping water or ice can create mold or other growth that you don't want in your cold drink. Using a mild soap or vinegar cleaning solution, wipe out the ice shoot and clean out the ice container if it's removable.


Refrigerators, stoves and freezers all have them; and they all need to be cleaned. Use a mild vinegar cleaner to wipe down gaskets and remove mold or dust.


Tablets, keyboards and remotes really need cleaning because of frequent touching. Unplug computer keyboard and tap lightly to dislodge crumbs and particles. Use compressed air to dislodge dust, then wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a mild vinegar cleaner. Take batteries out of remotes and wipe thoroughly, using a cotton swab to go between buttons. Wipe down tablets with a lightly moistened microfiber cloth.

Appliance filters

You may not know that your appliances have filters, but many newer ones do. Check the dishwasher, the clothes washer, ice makers, refrigerators and hot water dispensers. All may have filters that need cleaning to work efficiently.

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