5 educational games to play with kids who are out of school
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5 educational games to play with kids who are out of school

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Educational Games


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With schools around the country closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, many parents are tasked with the job of keeping their children entertained all day, even if they’re working from home at the same time. These educational games are a great way to limit screen time, keep kids entertained, and make sure they don’t forget everything they’ve learned in school this year.

1) Proof

If your child is 9+ years old and learning how to do mental math in school, this fast paced mental math game is a great way to sharpen their skills. Players hunt for an equation among 9 to 12 cards then shout out the answer and provide proof. The game can be adjusted for different levels and can be used to practice multiplication, division, square roots, addition, or subtraction. Even adults who dreaded math classes will get sucked in while playing with their kids.

Proof! The Fast-Paced Mental Math Challenge available from Amazon

2) Zingo

Zingo is a bingo-style sight reading game for pre-K to second graders that was developed by educators. It’s a fun way to keep multiple kids entertained while honing their beginning reading skills.

ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Reading Game available from Amazon

3) Cystosis

If your children are in middle to high school, finding educational games that aren’t on a screen is more of a challenge. That’s where this biology strategy game, Cystosis, comes in. The board game teaches accurate cell biology as “players build enzymes, hormones, and receptors and play with proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and DNA or mRNA.” It’s engaging enough to keep the high school students and adults in the house entertained.

Cystosis: A Cell Biology Strategy Board Game available from Amazon

4) Money Bags

If there’s one thing the makers of this game were onto it’s the fact that kids love playing with fake money. This money counting game for ages 7+ teaches players how to count and exchange money using basic math to work their way toward the finish line.

Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Counting Game available from Amazon

5) The World Game

This fun geography game for ages 7+ is a great way for kids and adults alike to learn more about the world. Cards challenge players to complete 4 challenges: capital city, location, continent, and flag. The cards also list trivia facts for each country.

The World Game Geography Card Game available from Amazon


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